मानवता के लिए उपहार

Scientific Spirituality
Resurrection of Gayatri Mahavidya and Yagya in the light of modern world
Thought Transformation
Revival of Rishi Culture
Foundation of New Era

1.  Taking a pledge at the age of 15 to perform twenty-four Gayatri Mahapurashcaranas along with several self-imposed restraints for twenty-four years and fulfilling it without faltering.

2.  By way of parnahuti, a Sahastra-kundi yagya was performed at Mathura in 1958 in which four lakh Gayatri sadhaks were invited and all of them attended. Arrangements were made for their stay, food etc. for five days free of charge. A huge yagyashala stage and pandal were erected and seven temporary townships, within a radius of seven miles, were set up. Lakhs of rupees were spent without begging a single paisa and the whole function was celebrated smoothly without any interruption or disorder.

3.  Ancestral property was sold and a grand building of Gayatri Tapobhumi was built at Mathura. Later, it developed into a huge centre of ethical, moral and spiritual education of the masses through  the help voluntarily given by the people, for which no appeal was made.

4.  Akhand Jyoti magazine is being published regularly since 1937 without accepting any advertisements. The weekly Harijan published by Gandhiji had to be discontinued when it became nonviable. At present one and half lakh copies of Akhand Jyoti are being published and each issue is being read by several persons. Its readers are not less than a million.

5.  Ancient spiritual and religious literature has been translated into Hindi and absolutely low-priced books incorporating spiritual principles applicable in practical life have been published in large numbers. Some of them have also been translated into other Indian languages. These books have enlightened millions of people who have read them.

6.  Gayatri parivar has been established which is spearheading
(a) Pragya abhiyan (movement for refining public mind and)
(b) Yug Nirman Yojna for the growth of righteous tendencies and attitudes in the society.

7.  Regular training is being imparted according to prescribed curriculum to Yug-shilpi pragya-putras in regular camps in self-development and development of the society. Sadhana camps of ten days each are being held for Gayatri sadhaks, free of cost.

8.  Brahmavarchas Research Institute has been established to conduct research for integration of science and spirituality. High level research on Yagyopathy and the great power of Gayatri mantra are being conducted here. The work of conducting new research on the ancient science of medicinal herbs initiated by Charak Rishi has also been taken up. The broken links of the ancient astronomical science are also being discovered anew.

9.  2,400 PragyapiÚhas and 12000 Pragya sansthans have been established for moral, intellectual and social rejuvenation and revitalisation. Efforts are being made to spread yugantariya chetna amongst migrants of Indian origin in seventy-five foreign countries.

10.  A new center has been established for the in-depth study of various languages and cultures of the world so that the message of the advent of the New Golden Era could be brought home to the people of the world at large. For the present, publicity squads are being deputed in jeeps to Hindi, Gujarati, Oriya, and Marathi speaking regions, but they will soon be sent to all parts of the country to strengthen the roots of righteousness, enlightenment and unity.

11.  Publicity is being done through the medium of tape recorders and slide projectors. It will now be done by video films also.

12.  The message of Pragya abhiyan is being spread through folders in many languages for creating an awareness of the emerging new higher consciousness in humanity.

13.  Four volumes of Pragya Purana have been published. Efforts are afoot to publish them in other languages; and its tapes are also being prepared. Through the medium of stories and tales in Pragya Purana an effort has been made to provide guidance to the common masses for meeting the day-to-day challenges and problems of present day life righteously, boldly and wisely.

14.  Not less than 1000 guests, pilgrims and trainees are in residence at Shantikunj at one time. They are provided free board and lodging. They return after taking prasad with a deepened faith in and respect for the mission’s activities.

15.  Many persons come to Gayatri Tirtha, Shantikunj and perform anushthan sadhana. This has helped them in their inner self-growth, in getting rid of evil tendencies and moulding their lives in accordance with perennial principles of truth. These positive orientations in their personalities have been scientifically verified at the Brahmavarchas Research Institute.

मित्रो! यदि विचार बदल जाएँगे तो कार्यों का बदलना सुनिश्चित है। कार्य बदलने पर भी विचारों का न बदलना सम्भव है, पर विचार बदल जाने पर उनसे विपरीत कार्य देर तक नहीं होते रह सकते। विचार बीज हैं, कार्य अंकुर: विचार पिता हैं, कार्य पुत्र । इसलिए जीवन परिवर्तन... See More

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विकास क्रम में आज मनुष्य उस पर परम लक्ष्य की ओर गतिशील है जिसका प्रतिपादन अध्यात्मवेत्ता वैदिक ऋषि-मनीषियों से लेकर महर्षि अरविन्द तक ने किया है। चेतनात्मक उत्कर्ष की यह महान क्रान्ति अध्यात्म क्षेत्र के माध्यम से ही सम्पन्न हो सकेगी, जिसका शुभारंभ हो चुका है। जो धर्म, आचार, साधना,... See More

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