For My Body Segments and Elements

For My Body Segments & Elements (Soul-Descendent's – My Disciples)

(For you to Read and Contemplate Every Day) (अपने अंग- अवयवों से )

(The directions given by Revered Gurudev from time-to-time, which mark his beatifying guidance to those dedicated to become a part of his epochal mission of reconstruction of an era. These also stand as milestones for the seekers of righteous path to altruistic service of the society).

My three fingers are expressing my heartfelt feelings on papers with the help of a pen here. But what is being written certainly can't be achieved only through these physical means. The responsibility of its materialization lies upon you all –– the awakened souls, the disciples who are devoted to the noble mission of global enlightenment.

This mission is founded by divine will, this plan is proposed by God's inspirations. It is not only my fingers, rather, every bit of my existence is noting down this plan; not only expressing it in words, but also pondering over the details of its implementation in reality. As I envisage it, an uncountable number of awakened souls will bear this responsibility – sharing their time, efforts, resources, mental engrossment and/or dedication visibly or invisibly. This paper, pen, the fingers may perish but the work initiated will not stop; every single drop of my blood, every breath of my life, every impulse of my mind is devoted to this noble cause. It is the flow of eternal divine force that is subliminally acting behind the process of dawn of a bright era.

The basis and scope of the plan, the mission, is immeasurable; it is as vast as its name reflects –– "Transformation of the Era". Great number of elevated souls will collectively accomplish this epochal task from the gross or the sublime domains; although, the credit may go only to those active on the visible fronts. You may also be one of those, if you respond to this call of time…...

Recall what our mission has achieved so far and what is ongoing. What is going to happen and required to be done is immensely more. Most of it will be done by you all, who, to me, are like parts of my own body, reflections of my own existence….... In fact, it is your collective power, which represents the name of this man, who is writing these lines.

How will the seemingly impossible goals be achieved? How will the untoward trends of the modern times be reverted? Where will the resources come from? Don't worry about that. HE, who has entrusted the responsibility, will take care of all this. The only thing you should watch is – whether you are putting in best of your efforts? None of you should lag behind in dedication to the noble mission.

Hanuman's ability was insignificant in terms of resources, worldly talents, education, etc. He was only an assistant to the dethroned king Sugreev. But the moment he devoted himself through heart and soul to Shri Ram's mission, he could attain success in the astonishing tasks like, crossing over the ocean, uprooting a mountain, destroying the mighty Kingdom "Lanka" of Ravana with ease. He also received the rare honor of having Lord Ram and Lakshmana sit on his shoulders. I expect from each one of you, the parijans (family members) of our grand (Gayatri Pariwar) mission to be like Hanuman in devotion, discipline and duty.

"What exactly is to be done and when?" –– will be guided to you time-to-time from here (Shantikunj, Haridwar, the mission's fraternity). The tasks may keep changing and so could be the patterns of your success. You just have to be unflinchingly sincere in trying your level best to transact the assigned duties and keep remembering that your sentiment of devotion, with which you had joined us and come here for good should not wane or weaken; it should continue to enhance and expand with each day passing.

Understand the gigantic dimensions of the tasks ahead to meet our objectives. Rest assured that if you have put-in the most of your attempts without any dilemma or diversion, then, even if you don't hit the target, your efforts would definitely lead near what could be termed as unique, remarkable, trend-setting and historic. It is true that immense support and potentials are required for success in the plans of such vast grandeur. But, leave this burden upon the divine force that has laid the foundation of this mission. You only worry about how to make better and greater use of your time, abilities and labor. Disregard, of whether the work assigned suits your interests, your main aims should be to see how much more and constructive could be your participation in its completion? How much greater burden could you bear? How could you march faster towards the goal despite the unfavorable circumstances?

Be vigilant about your nature, qualities and conduct; there should be progressive refinement of your personality and character as well. Watch your thoughts and deeds carefully and rectify the defects and weaknesses, if any, observed by you or by any of your colleagues. Check out whether there is any indiscipline in your routine, your work habits at the behest of fatigue or some other excuse? If so, throw it away the very moment. Don’t let selfish desires, lethargy, or passions for comfort get a chance to avert you from the path of ideals; don't think of relaxing or discontinuing the work at hand.

Frustration and arrogance are the most dangerous and intimate enemies of those working for altruist tasks of social welfare and mass elevation. You should be alert to keep a safe distance from both. Failure or success –– neither is yours. Failure should only give you a chance to pursue more thorough introspection and endeavor to improve. Remember! This is like a fire-test of your abilities, your intrinsic faith; you have to conquer every obstacle courageously and brilliantly. You should also help extend the faith and potentials of your associates.

Grand success should only help you assess how big a leap your virtuous efforts and sincerity could take. It may boost your faith in the chosen path but should not trigger your ego. If you are able to achieve something, humbly share the credits with your colleagues. Have self-confidence but don't regard yourself above or bigger than others. This is the ideal mentality of a volunteer for social service and up liftment.

Our mission's role will expand multi fold in the years to come. Your preparation for this should be what could be regarded as excellent, exemplary. Your endeavors should be such that make your inner self enlighten with grace at the time of self-analysis. Your devotion should make the divine guiding force so close to your soul, as that had enabled Hanuman be a part of the Ram Panchayat.

Glorious accomplishment of our mission in the years to come is an absolute certainty, which will manifest in the dawn of the bight era on the earth. The present phase is that of earnest efforts by those, upon whom the Almighty has bestowed a chance to work on the visible fronts for this purpose. You are among those. This is a crucial time of fire-testing of your participation. Take care that on no front – physical, mental, or behavioral – there is no risk of your deflection, decline or fall. In these critical moments, no one among you should lose faith or perturb from the chosen path, none should be lost or separated from the mission, and hence repent forever…. It is after millions of ages that the deserving souls get an opportunity to join such a mission emanated from the call of divinity. So don't just miss it….

Great people achieve great goals. One does not become great by the height or heap of any physical or worldly possession. Rather, the virtues of his personality, his modesty, generosity, sincerity, integrity, purity of thoughts and sentiments, diligence and motivation to noble purpose make him great. Our goals in sight are steadily ascending; your height (greatness) should not fall short in any respect. It is with this expectation, hope and confidence in you that we are proceeding towards the higher, sublime, realms….

                                                                                                                                           –– Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya

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