Spiritual Insight

' My life story can act as a lighthouse for genuine seekers of Truth. It is a way of life adopted by a rational and a realistic person and there is nothing obscurantic and pretentious in it. Stigma of failure cannot also be attributed to it. Persons who seriously try to understand that there could be a true path to attain the goal of soul-awakening, who do not fall into the trap of illusion of short-cuts, would not meet with disappointment and disillusionment. Had such persons read my story, understood the spiritual philosophy underlying it and followed the process of self-growth prescribed therein, it is certain that the number of such misled and confused persons would have been far less than what it is today.' - Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

(From his autobiography ;  My Life - lts Legacy and Message - translated from original Hindi Version - Hamari Vasiyat Aur Virasat)

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