What is the necessity of collective-Yagyas?

Q.6. What is the necessity of collective-yagyas?

Ans. Yagya s at a larger scale are required to be performed to purify the subtle environment and destroy pollution permeating the atmosphere. It infuses religious sentiments and enthusiasm in persons who are present and those who participate in it get an opportunity to take a vow to abandon one vice by way of offering Dev-dakshina and adopt one virtue or righteous tendency. In this way big Yagya s help in uplifting the moral and ethical levels of the participants. The meaning of the word Yagya is to do sacrifice, to give money in charity and do worship. Its practical meaning is that one ought not to spend his entire earnings on himself and his family, but should also contribute a part of it for the welfare of others. It also implies that divinity and gentlemanliness should be respected and people should live together in mutual cooperation.

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