Is it necessary to perform Yagya daily ?

Q.3. Is it necessary to perform Yagya daily?

Ans. Gayatri and Yagya constitute a pair. Gayatri has been called righteous wisdom and Yagya as righteous act. Coordination of both gives wisdom to solve all problems. Yagya may be performed as and when it is convenient. It can suffice to utter Gayatri Mantra and offer ghee and sugar in fire. If it is sought to be more brief, the purpose of symbolic worship of Agnihotra can also be fulfilled if a Ghrit lamp is lighted, incense- stick is burnt and Gayatri Mantra is uttered. If even this brief ritual cannot be performed daily, it should be done once in a week or on any convenient day at least once in a month. Those who are not acquainted with the procedure, and facilitators and material resources are not available, can write to Shantikunj for performance of Yagya in requisite quantity. Yagya is performed daily in Shantikunj for two hours in three Yagyashala having nine Yagya Kunds each.

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