Why is Gayatri designated as Vedmata, Devmataand Vishwamata?

Q.9. Why is Gayatri designated as Vedmata, Devmataand Vishwamata?

Ans. Gayatri has been called Vedmata because it is the essence of source of Veda s. It is called Devmata because there is perpetual growth of divinity and righteousness in its devotee. Its ultimate object is to inculcate and awaken the feeling of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ and ‘Atmavat Sarvabhooteshu’ (Welfare of man - the individual lies in the welfare of all humankind). It is known as Vishwamata since it aims at establishment of good-will, equality, unity and lobe amongst the entire human race, cutting across barriers of language, race, colour, sex etc. and ultimately uniting the whole world on basis of realized spiritual unity in diversity.

The individual basis of Gayatri is to establish righteous wisdom. ‘Naha’ implies inculcation of cooperation and collective endeavor - mutual caring and sharing.

The absolute wisdom condensed in Gayatri magnified itself as the Veda s. For this reason Gayatri is known as the Mother of Veda s. ( Gayatri Mantra is the means for invocation of Divine grace).

Gayatri is the fountainhead of all divine powers (Devtas). It is therefore, known as the Devmata. (Ref. Tandya Brahman).

Gayatri sustains the cosmos as the three Supreme Emanations of the Supreme, known as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Hence, it is called Vishwamata (Ek Pwan Kashi Khand, Poorvardha 4.9.58)

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