What is the purpose of self-control in Abhiyan Sadhana ?

Q.14. What is the purpose of self-control in Abhiyan Sadhana?

Ans. Tap is meant for conservation of life -force and utilising it for elevation of soul to higher levels of consciousness. The three outlets through which about 80% of this vital force continues to leak out of human body are: indulgence in delicious food, intemperate utterances and sexual distractions and actions. The moment these are controlled, the doors to progress open. Self-control, however, does not simply mean control on sensory organs and the thought process. The field of self-control encompasses control on misuse of all types of resources. For instance, one is advised to utilize each and every moment of life judiciously right from leaving the bed in the morning till one falls asleep. Other self-controls are maintenance of balance in physical labor, honest earnings i.e. taking a livelihood based on just and lawful means of production and expenditure of earnings for noble purposes. Amongst all these, control on sensory organs is of prime importance.

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