What are the rules of Akhand (unbroken) Jap?

Q.15. What are the rules of Akhand (unbroken) Jap?

Ans. Akhand Jap is performed on special auspicious occasions like Gayatri Jayanti, Guru Poornima, Vasant Panchami etc. There are two ways of doing it. It may be performed either for twenty-four hours or between sunrise and sun-set. During the visibility of the sun (day-time) a vocal mass chanting with rosary may be performed. The time of beginning and end of an Akhand Jap should be the same in the forenoon and afternoon. When it is meant for twenty-four hours, the period involved includes a day and night in equal proportion. Traditions permit a vocal chanting during the day and mental Jap in the night. Wherever this procedure can be conveniently adhered to, it may be adopted. Otherwise, mental Jap is generally more convenient for the sake of uniformity. Dhoop-Deep should be kept continuously burning during the period of Jap.

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