Is Diksha necessary for Sadhana ?

Q.2. Is Diksha necessary for Sadhana ?

Ans. Aspiration for salvation is the birth right of all human beings. Scriptures say that in the biological kingdom created by God three phenomena are extremely rare. One - to be born as a human amongst the innumerable species of living beings; Two - a strong aspiration for salvation from bondage and three - the patronage of a spiritual preceptor and guardian ( Guru ). Coming in contact with a true Guru and a desire to be initiated are the greatest blessings of life . The credibility of Guru , is however, the most significant aspect of "Diksha". According to scriptures the Guru must have four basic qualifications: He must be: (1) "Shrotiya" - i.e. not only well-versed in scriptures but also the one who knows their subtle secrets and has realized their true import in his life . (2) "Vrijino" - with a spotless reputation; sinless. (3) "Akamahata" - i.e. he should have no other motive except that of purely doing good to others. He should be an ocean of compassion - without any ulterior motive of name, fame or any material gain. (4) "Brammavittam" - The one who has himself realized God . The Guru is not only a teacher. He transmits spirituality , by personal example. Thus, a grave risk is involved if one falls in the clutches of a fake Guru . If, because of ignorance, someone has taken a Diksha earlier from an unqualified person, prudence demands seeking a true Guru for spiritual growth, Such Guru s are, of course, rare now-a-day.

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