What are indications of progress in Sadhana ?

Q. 5. What are indications of progress in Sadhana?

Ans. After prolonged and persistent ' Sadhana ' with faith and dedication , the following characteristics appear in the devotee:-
1. Magnetism in personality ; sparkling eyes; force in speech; a glowing countenance; gravity and stability in expression. These qualities deeply impress everyone coming in contact with the devotee. People interacting with a devotee of Gayatri behave in conformity with his / her wishes.
2. The devotee feels a new celestial energy operating from within.
3. The devotee progressively loses interest in improper (sinful) activities. If, some wrong is inadvertently committed by him, he feels extremely repentant. He neither becomes elated on favorable happenings, nor loses equanimity while facing unfavorable circumstances.
4. If he curses someone on becoming deeply hurt, the adversary encounters great misfortune.
5. On the other hand,, his good wishes always result in the welfare of the concerned person.
6. He develops the faculty of thought reading. None can hide his shortcomings, covert actions and motives from the penetrating gaze of a Gayatri devotee.
7. He can communicate telepathically with people living far away.
8. The environment around him is very quiet and serene. People find unusual peace, purity and serenity in his presence.
9. When at the zenith of his progress, he can paranormally transfer a part of the spiritual energy (collected by him in course of his Sadhana through 'Tapascharya'), to any deserving individual, for which the latter need not make the required effort. This is called the process of 'Shaktipat' in yoga , which the Guru uses for grooming the best disciple as his successor.
10. While contemplating, during the waking hours or in course of meditation he may see e mission s of multi coloured lights, other para-normal lights or hear celestial sounds or words. These are some visible signs of progress in ' Sadhana ' Besides, the devotee acquires many paranormal capabilities, which are much beyond normal human experience, knowledge and resources.

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