Is Gayatri worship conditioned ? (Is Gayatri keelit)?

Q.1. Is Gayatri worship conditioned? (Is Gayatri ‘keelit’)?

Ans. There are two methods for invoking powers of Gayatri . One the simple divine method for spiritual progress and the other an intricate method of ‘Tantra Shastra’ for immediate fulfillment of worldly desires. The Mantras of Tantra Shastra also have a destructive power. Unless, they are practiced with a strict discipline and for proper objective, they are capable of inflicting harm on the practitioner. A person with an ulterior motive can inflict harm on others through the power obtained by invocation of occult powers through ‘Tantra Sadhana ’. Hence specific key procedures are required to unlock the powers of Tantrik Mantras. This, too, is possible only with the help of an experienced Guru . As doses of a high potency medicine are to be decided by an experienced doctor, decoding or unlocking a Mantra (in the above discipline) depends on the spiritual status of the one practitioner. ‘Durga Shaptshati’ which requires ‘Kavach’, ‘Keelan’ and ‘Argal’ may be quoted as an example).

Vedic Mantras (such as Gayatri ) are not bound by such strict restrictions, as they are practiced exclusively for one’s inherent spiritual growth and for developing god -gifted capabilities for performing noble deeds. Vedic Mantras, therefore, do not require any ‘unlocking keys’. Nevertheless, as a sick person or a student needs an experienced doctor or a teacher for proper treatment or teaching a beginner in this field too requires the guidance of an accomplished Guru , in the absence of which he wanders aimlessly without making any progress whatsoever in the path of Sadhana .

None should entertain any apprehension that in Kalyug, Gayatri Mantra has been accursed or that its Sadhana goes in vain. Who can curse God and what effect can it have? This is nothing but a ruse meant to undermine the faith of the people and to allure them to join some other sect.

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