Is it possible to have an Anusthan performed by someone else?

Q.5. Is it possible to have an Anusthan performed by someone else?

Ans. To get Jap performed by others on payment on one's behalf amounts to purchasing labor and deriving advantage out of it. This earns no merit. There are some important tasks which require to be carried out by one's own self. It becomes ridiculous if they are got done by others. Can a servant be appointed to study on one's own behalf ? Can one entrust his sleep to someone else? Nobody appoints someone else to procreate children on his behalf. How can a disease be cured if a person other than the patient is paid and asked to take treatment on behalf of the patient? In the same way devotional worship of God has to be done in His proximity, attained by the devotee in person. Self-discipline , penance or endurance are required to be practised and friendship is nurtured by a person himself. Physical exercise is also done by a person himself. The same norm applies to Sadhana . As for as practicable, one should perform his or her own Anusthan , In specific cases of contingency it can be entrusted to a qualified Brahman. The term Brahman here needs an elaboration. In ancient times individuals considered Brahmans were scholars of the science of Brahma. They possessed a high level of upright character, lived a virtuous life with minimum means of sustenance and comfort. Now-a-days, it is difficult to find such Brahmans, who besides having been born in a Brahman family (by caste and heredity) and wearing traditional costumes of Brahmans of yore also have the credibility of Brahmanism in their character, behaviour and thoughts. It is very difficult to find a true Brahman from amongst hordes of hypocrites masquerading as Brahmans. It is, therefore, recommended that if at all necessary, irrespective of caste and creed, Anusthan may be entrusted to such an individual of high character who has an infallible faith in God and is not desirous of any worldly gains of name, fame or material gain.

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