What are the basic rules of an Anusthan?

Q.4. What are the basic rules of an Anusthan?

Ans. The set of rules to be followed are :- (1) As far as practicable, regularity of time and number in the Jap should be maintained in the routine with minimum possible deviations. (2) The five basic principles i.e. (i) fasting (ii) abstention from sex (iii) self- service (iv) sleeping on ground (v) refraining from leather-ware like shoes etc., are to be followed. (One may instead use synthetics, rubber etc.) If sleeping on ground is not safe because of dampness, insects etc., a hard wooden bed may be used. Self service is essential in making shaves, (avoid the barber) cleaning of clothes (don't send them to the laundry) personal and for other physical requirements. In case it is inconvenient to cook one's own food, help of a close family member- wife, mother, sister etc. may be taken. Prepared food items from market (restaurants, dhabas etc.) are strictly forbidden. Sex is taboo during an Anusthan . Not only one should avoid physical sex, stimulation of sex impulse through even casual thoughts and sight should also be checked. Ladies coming in contact should be treated as mother, sister or daughter. The same is applicable to the behaviour of women towards men. Fasting can be done in one of the following ways: (a) Only liquid food like buttermilk, milk, fruit juice etc. (b) Subsisting on fruits and vegetables only (c) taking tasteless food items devoid of salt, sugar and spices (d) partaking only one meal a day (e) choosing only two food items during the period of Anusthan .

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