सामान्य प्रश्न

Laukik mantras

Ans. Gayatri Mantra is the primordial Mantra self-manifested by the projection of the will (sankalp) of Omnipotent Divine to bring into existence the present cycle of creation (Varah Kalpa). According to Hindu mythology there are infinite cosmic cycles of expansion and contraction known as Shrishti and Pralaya. At the time... Read More

Worship other deities along with Gayatri

Ans. Central theme of any form of worship is meditation. The exclusive objective of Jap and meditation in Upasana is to establish an intimate emotional bond between the devotee and God .Spirituality in India permits a free choice amongst a multitude of symbols (as deities) for meditating on attributes of... Read More

Gayatri represented as a female deity

Ans. Several people say that when masculine words have been used in Gayatri how can it be said Gayatri Mata? It should be understood that the Absolute Divinity it represents, is all pervasive and formless. It is beyond gender. In scriptures both masculine and feminine words are used for fire,... Read More

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