Sprituality at Workplace

Sprituality at Workplace

  Success of future corporate companies will hinge on whether, in the eyes of the employees and society-at-large, the organization is a trusted member of the community and a good global citizen. The corporate’s would require to make ethical and socially responsible behavior the best foundation for building and maintaining a... See More

With Education and human resource taking centre stage terms like K-Commerce (Knowledge Commerce), which is the trading of knowledge in a variety of forms using electronic networks, Knowledge Management becoming common. Some Industries now even have Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO).Unlike capital and labour, knowledge strives to be a public good,... See More

Phases of Economic Development :-The Primary Phase : The last two centuries witnessed sea change in human social and economic activities. The primary phase of economic activities till the early mid 18th century, gave way to the secondary phase of economic development when the Industrial revolution took place.  The Secondary... See More

A transformation in corporate leader’s personality leads to changes in organization’s culture. Some spiritual qualities are needed to be developed for better understanding of corporate culture. These qualities help an individual to develop an insight. When inculcated in day to day life these spiritual traits are very helpful in harnessing... See More

Man being an integral part of Divinity, all divine powers are hidden in the human soul in seed form. These powers remain dormant under the debris of mental agitation , sensual peversions, defects and vices in the form of ignorance. People think that they are poor, miserable, insignificant and infirm.... See More

Practicals from Yog Sutras:-Patanjali deals mainly with three aspects: How to diagnose & correct negative hurdles in life. How to enhance efficiency in day to day life. How to develop work perfection.The first Yog Sutra :-“Atha Yoganushasnam” (Yog is a discipline in life )Complete and perfect life style with disciplined way of developing... See More

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