गायत्री कल्पवृक्ष है

1. Art of Living: -A devotee of Gayatri realizes the significance of life and hence utilizes this opportunity for the refinement of self and welfare of others. He remains free from the fear of death and remains poised in pleasure and pain. This art of living makes him successful in every endeavor.

2. Conservation of energy:
- Dissipation of vital energy causes disease in the body and that of spiritual energy causes disorder in the mind and unhealthy developments in the society. Worship of Gayatri inspires a person to conserve his energy, which automatically rectifies these disorders.

3. Excellence:-
A man of principles and idealistic values would surely be called excellent even though he may be poor or resourceless. The generosity of heart developed through Gayatri sadhana gives inner peace that cannot be achieved through any other materialistic means.

4. Purity:-
External purity augments health and beauty and internal purity awakens divinity within. Gayatri bestows both which, in turn, provide peace, satisfaction and fame.

5. Divine Vision:- People with corrupted vision see evil everywhere but a devotee of Gayatri develops a divine vision with which he sees happiness and beauty all around in this garden of the Lord.

6. Virtues:- Prayerful worship of Gayatri augments virtues like humility, politeness, sweet speech, service, cooperation, honesty, regularity, habit of working hard, conscientiousness, courage, valour, hopefulness, patience, frugality, etc. A person with such virtues will certainly lead a happy and healthy life.

7. Discernment:- It is a kind of spiritual light with which it is possible to distinguish between true and untrue, right and wrong, necessary and unnecessary, etc. In majority of cases, the cause of sin and suffering is ignorance, confusion or foolishness. Gayatri bestows the faculty of discernment, which saves the devotee from all the pitfalls.

8. Self-control:-  Human body is a storehouse of wonderful powers. If these powers are utilized in a proper direction, one can achieve great successes. Gayatri does bless a devotee with the virtue of self-control and hence with success.

9. Service:-
We should serve others in such a way that helps them to become self-dependent, enthusiastic and active. Helping others to make them progressive, making this Earth green and clean and environment pleasant is a great service. Gayatri amply bestows this prudence of selfless service on its devotees.

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