Surya Arghyadaan

After completion of japa and dhyana, the water kept in the kalasa at the pajasthali is slowly poured (in the basil plant) as an offering in the direction of the sun while chanting the following mantra:

Oam Suryadevo Sahastranso Tejorase Jagatpate I

Anukampaya Mam Bhaktya, Grahanardthyam  Divakara II

Oam Suryaya Namah, Adityaya Namah, Bhaskaraya Namah II

Here the water kept in the kalasa represents our (the sadhaka's) small identity and the sun is a symbol of the limitless Brahm. The process of suryardhyadana is meant to inspire dedication of our potentials, our deeds and our life to thy ideals and divine aims. The water offered here is evaporated and spread in the sky. It is then enshowered in an expanded area as clouds or dew droplets. The purpose and teaching of suryardhyadana is that — the water (resource) of our talents, assets and potentials should not be kept confined to the narrow boundaries (of selfish possessions and pleasures) Rather, it should sublimate and expand for use in altruist aims of the social and global welfare.

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