Paeans of praise

Several concepts are prevalent in the Hindu religion and there are controversies and conflicting opinions also in respect of some of them. But all the sects, saints and rishis have accepted the pre-eminence of Gayatri mantra with one voice.

Atharva Ved incorporates a prayer (19-1-71) in praise of Gayatri stating that it grants longevity, energy, power, fame, wealth and divine brilliance (Brahma-tej). 

According to Vishwamitra, there is no other mantra like Gayatri mantra in all the four Vedas. All the Vedas, Yagya, charity, tap (devout austerity) are not equivalent even to a small portion of potency of Gayatri mantra.

According to Parashar, “of all suktas and Ved Mantras, Gayatri Mantra is the superiormost. Between the Vedas and Gayatri, the  latter has an upper hand. One who performs Gayatri jap with devotion becomes pure and gets liberated. A person without Gayatri worship cannot be considered a Brahman, although, he might have read Vedas, Shastras, Purans and history”.

Shankha Rishi is of the view that “Gayatri alone extends a helping hand and saves a person from falling in the ocean of hell. There is nothing superior to it on this earth as well as in the heavens. Undoubtedly, a person who masters Gayatri attains heaven (swarga)’’.

According to Shounak rishi “ a dwij may or may not do other worships. He gets liberated by doing Gayatri jap alone and attains all material and spiritual boons. Performance of ten thousand japs averts calamity in the hour of crisis.”

Attri muni says “Gayatri completely purifies the soul. By the glorious power of Gayatri deep-rooted defects and vices are cleansed out. Nothing else remains to be attained in this world by one who fully understands the substance of Gayatri.”

Bhardwaj Rishi says that “even God like Brahma performs Gayatri jap. It leads to God realisation. A vicious man gets rid of his vices by performing Gayatri jap. A person devoid of Gayatri Sadhana is worse than a shudra.”

A person who worships Gayatri, observes Brahmacharya and consumes fresh fruits of Anwala tree (emblic myrobalan ) attains longevity according to Charak Rishi.

According to Narad  “Gayatri is devotion (bhakti ) personified. Wherever there is Gayatri in the form of devotion, God-Narayan, undoubtedly resides there.”

Vashishtha says  “ persons who are dull, way-ward and fickle-minded become highly intelligent and steadfast and rise to great heights in worldly and spiritual pursuits by Gayatri Sadhana. Those  who worship Gayatri steadfastly and piously attain self-realisation’’.

According to Maharshi Vyas “just as honey is the essence of flower, ghrit of milk, in the same way Gayatri is the essence of all the Vedas. Gayatri is like Kamdhenu for one who has acquired mastery in it. Ganga purifies sins committed by the physical body but Gayatri, the Brahma Ganga, purifies the soul. A person resorting to systems of worship other than Gayatri is like a fool who leaves delicious delicacies and takes to begging for food. There is nothing superior to Gayatri Sadhana for achieving

According to Jagat Guru Shankaracharya It is beyond human competence to  describe the glory of Gayatri. Nothing is more important in the world than to attain spiritual wisdom, which is inspired by Gayatri Sadhana. Gayatri is the primordial mantra. Its Sadhana destroys sins and promotes virtues.

Manu says that-“Gayatri mantra having three phases was conceived by Brahma as the essence of three Vedas. There is no more purifying  mantra than Gayatri mantra. A person doing Gayatri tap regularly for three years realises God. A dwij (twice-born person known as Brahman) who meditates on Gayatri mantra in the morning and evening gets the benefit of reciting all the Vedas. Such a person can attain divine powers (Siddhis) by Gayatri jap alone. Those who perform Jap of this mantra a thousand times daily get rid of the ill-effect of their sins just as a snake casts off its slough. A dwij who does not worship Gayatri deserves severest condemnation.”

Yogiraj Yagyavalkya says-  “Gayatri and all the Vedas were weighed in a balance. The scale was tipped in favour of Gayatri. Upnishads are the essence of Vedas and Gayatri along with its vyahrities, has been regarded as the essence of Upnishads. Gayatri is the mother of Vedas, it destroys sins and there is no other greater purifying mantra than Gayatri on this earth as well as in the heavens. Just as there is no better place of pilgrimage than Ganga and none can excel God, the keshav, so also there is no mantra superior to Gayatri mantra. One who masters Gayatri becomes master of  all knowledge and becomes shroutriya. A dwij who is not devoted to Gayatri is like a shoodra, although he may be well-versed in the Vedas. He who does not know Gayatri gets deprived of brahmanatva and becomes sinful.” 

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