' This is the place for penance of ascetics and for contemplation of thinkers. This place fills the hearts of devotees & renunciates alike with happiness.'

The interior Himalaya ahead of Gomukh is eternally free from travelers. To go there is not deemed useful either. Two miles ahead of Gomukh where Tapovan starts, very tender and nutritious herbal vegetation sprouts in the month of Shrawan - Bhadrapad. If sheeps and goats graze there, they become healthy,... See More

It is possible for people to go up to Gomukh. Thereafter starts the higher Himalaya to go where there is neither any path nor any purpose. The heart of Himalaya starts from here. I had to enter into this area and reach Tapovan. Nandanvan is close-by. Reaching here, my purpose... See More

A route to Badrinath has been searched out by the northern side of this zone. The distance along the present traditional route from Gomukh to Badrinath is 250 miles (400 Km.), but along this straight  route it is only 25 miles (40 Km.). In the last 2-3 Years, some dare-devil... See More

Gomkh is 18 miles ahead of Gangotri at present. But in olden days it was in Gangotri itself. The great Bhageerath rock on which Bhageerath performed intense penance is also there. Gaurikund, in Gangotri where Parvati performed her penance is a place of grandeur. As per legend this is the... See More

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