Origin of Ganga

Gomkh is 18 miles ahead of Gangotri at present. But in olden days it was in Gangotri itself. The great Bhageerath rock on which Bhageerath performed intense penance is also there. Gaurikund, in Gangotri where Parvati performed her penance is a place of grandeur. As per legend this is the place where Lord Shiva had received Ganga in his matted hair. Here the course of water falls from a great height with great noise. When Narad returned after having the sight (Darshan) of the origin of Bhageerathi, Lord Brahma admired him very much. He said-

Dhanyos~i Kritkirtyo~si Dhanyo Dhanyah Punah Punah |
Yastvoyasetivam Teertham Punayam Gangottaram Mune||

' Blessed are you, oh! Narad, you have imbibed Ganga; you have acquitted yourself  meritoriously. You deserve to be applauded again and again.'

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