Way to Gomukh

It is possible for people to go up to Gomukh. Thereafter starts the higher Himalaya to go where there is neither any path nor any purpose. The heart of Himalaya starts from here. I had to enter into this area and reach Tapovan. Nandanvan is close-by. Reaching here, my purpose was to be done; said what was to be said; heard  what was to be heard. These things are of no concern for people in general. The discussion about these personal matters would simply be irrelevant.

A strong desire to see the 'Heaven on Earth' was growing in me. This impossible - looking work has been made easily possible by the grace of someone. By the great kindness of the Lord and blessings of saints, the hardest works also become easy. My desire was also fulfilled with case. All the means came by effortlessly-even companions and guide. The tired and  strengthless legs were charged with new energy. The weak body which could not bear cold became brave and resolute. The trudging legs moved forward.
While writing travelogue, the writers generally describe more of their personal experiences. It contains a lot of self glorification. Indulging in no such thing, I have to describe only the situation thereof.

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