The Abode of Divines

The interior Himalaya ahead of Gomukh is eternally free from travelers. To go there is not deemed useful either. Two miles ahead of Gomukh where Tapovan starts, very tender and nutritious herbal vegetation sprouts in the month of Shrawan - Bhadrapad. If sheeps and goats graze there, they become healthy, deliver strong lambs and their wool becomes soft.  Seeing these benefits some daredevil shepherds bring their heard of sheeps and goats here for some time. These people also go only upto 2-3 miles ahead of Gomukh. Except these people no human beings are ever seen there. This is the area of Tapovan where these men and their animals are seen sometimes. Wild goats, musk-deers and brown bears are also occasionally found moving around this place. There is no trace  of trees here; only grass and herbs are grown. They exude a highly pleasant aroma. Those who cannot bear this scent feel dizzy. A little ahead is Nandanvan. Here the months of Shrawan-Bhadrapad are considered as spring time. In these two months there the herbs sprout, grow, bloom, mature and finish. Snowfall starts from the month of Ashwin (mid September to mid October) When the greenery is also

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