जीवन का आध्यात्मिक रास्ता

The human life is an invaluable Gift from God. He gave us those privileges,which are not available to any other being. As the Prince of God it is our fore most duty to nurture His garden,the Mother Earth. Spirituality is Realization of Immortal Real Self and considering this human body to be the instrument of God and leading a purposeful and righteous life. This can be achieved by the synthesis of virtuous deeds (Karma Yoga),Righteous knowledge(Gyan Yoga) and faith and devotion (Bhakti Yoga) in our day to day life. After knowing this great truth, our most important duty is to move ahead in the path of spiritualism.

A) UNDERSTANDING OMNIPRESENCE OF GODThere are two philosophical views that generally guide the course of life. One is man is born sinner and the other is :each soul is potentially divine. In the western civilization the religious teachings propagate the first view but the entire Indian philosophy is based on... See More

Spirituality is defined as righteous way of living with full of ideals and virtues.Scientific spirituality is termed as spiritual disciplines studied and practiced with scientific outlook. In today's modern world, when scientific invention has changed the face of globe, we are lacking inner joy and mental peace. Stress and strains are adding to the... See More

A) PURITY OF THOUGHT AND ACTIONPurity is a spiritual quality. By nature, the soul is pure and beautiful therefore a sadhaks thought and conduct should always be clean.Mental purity inspires the human being towards a disciplined life by which he becomes blessed with good health and long life. His senses become powerful... See More

A) To Achieve Boundless Grace of God in Academic Excellence1. Worship regularity and daily for minimum ten minutes2. Always greet the elders in the home and Teachers in the School.3. Develop a habit of labor and never think of any work as inferior.4. To follow Vivekanand Principle of ' Uttishtha,... See More

Spiritualist Way of Thinking - Indian Value SystemValues are the basic principles that guide the human behaviour. Indian Scriptures provide insight into the values to be practised for spiritual upliftment. Some of the core values are discussed below. Truthfulness:Inner and outer integrity in thinking and behaviour is the foremost requirement for the... See More

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