आध्यात्मिकता और शैक्षणिक

A) To Achieve Boundless Grace of God in Academic Excellence

1. Worship regularity and daily for minimum ten minutes
2. Always greet the elders in the home and Teachers in the School.
3. Develop a habit of labor and never think of any work as inferior.
4. To follow Vivekanand Principle of ' Uttishtha, jagrita prapya barannibodhata' which means 'arise, awake and do not stop till you achieve your objectives'.
5. To do self study regularly. To read good literature which can give the right direction to life for minimum half an hour daily or to listen to spiritual music.
6. To lead a life of simplicity. Thinking and habit pattern should be according to an average Indian living standard and one should feel dignity in that.
7. To harness one's capacity and talent for the spread of knowledge and good thinking.
8. To be alert about ones duty and responsibility to self and society and to performs ones duty with full capacity.
9. To carry out the deeds with without selfish motives and attachment.

To contribute enthusiastically in the collective efforts for improving good activities in the society.

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