Alternative and Integrative Therapies

More and more people worldwide are spending billions on herbal remedies. In the US alone the use of complementary and alternative medicine has doubled in the past decade.

The main reasons of emergence of alternative and integrative therapies are :

Limitations without integration: Different systems of medical sciences and therapies have their own advantages and Limitation in treatment of diseases.

Synthesis of Proven Systems: There is a need to adopt an integrative approach in treatment.

Need for Preventive Measures:
Alternative therapies have proved to be excellent in maintaining health and prevention of diseases specially linked to immunity and stress.

Inexpensive Treatment: Most of the alternative methods of treatment are inexpensive and free from side effects.

Emphasize mind body link: The alternative therapies originated from the ancient medical sciences like Ayurveda are comprehensive and promising in today’s heath scenario as these incorporate

Who defined sound health as ' "Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual wellbeing."... See More

An exciting field of medicine  which includes :   *    Meditation*    Hypnosis*    Guided imagery*    Biofeed back*    Relaxation therapyUseful in :*   Headache*   Chronic pain*   Insomnia*   Anxiety*   Depression*   CAD and Cancer.The evolutionEra 1 : - Dates to Mid 1800             * Scientists regarded that time the entire world including human bodies,               as mindless machine.Era... See More

Herbal Remedies– Plants and their Extracts.Aromatherapy– Essential oils usually inhaled.Dietary Therapies—Right diet to promote health, prevent or control illness.Orthomolecular Therapies—Large vitamin doses or mineral supplements.... See More

Hypnotherapy-for behavioral and mental problems.Healing-Prayer,directed thoughts and spiritual healing.Meditation-deep breathing and inner relaxation.Tranquility and equipoise.... See More

Iridology-looking at eyes.Dowsing-through rods.Radionics-invisible energy fields.Kinesiology-energy imbalances in muscles.... See More

Crystals- said to influence the patients’ aura.Reiki-channels spiritual energy to heal body, mind.Laying on of hands-to manipulate the body’s energy.... See More

Osteopathy: manipulation of muscles and joints.Chiropractic: manipulation of spine.Massage: rubbing,kneading or pressure.Reflexology: massage of specific parts of foots, acu points.... See More

Ayurveda - ancient Indian discipline  ’Science of Life’ based on Mind, body, spirit interactions.Traditional chinese medicine.Homeopathy.Naturopathy.... See More

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