Five Important Levels of the Human Consciousness

The science of spirituality deals with all the subtle and physical level of the conscious body. Experts of this science can perform supernatural experiments on the physical body. They experience more and more blissfulness as they realize higher and subtler levels of consciousness. The five important levels of the human consciousness are:

(i) The physical consciousness (Annamaya Kos) which is manifested in the activities of hormones and enzymes etc.,

(ii)The awakened consciousness (Pranmaya Kos) which is active in the form of bio electricity,

(iii) The psychic consciousness (Manomaya kos) which gives rise to bio magnetism,

(iv) The intuitive consciousness (Vigyanmaya Kos) and

(v) The beatitudinous consciousness (Anandmaya Kos) which subtly exists in the Reticular Activating System in the Cortical Nuclei.

The human body is a complex ensemble of interlinked systems of over 75x1012 cells. A large number of independent 'powers' govern the activities of its various constituents. The 'power' behind the biochemical activities of the nucleic acids, genes and chromosomes in reproduction and other genetically controlled processes is an example of such creative powers. The defensive power of the body is manifested by the immune response. The vital power linked with bio electricity and bio magnetism is also amongst the most important subtle powers existing in our body. Due to their manifestation in the form of (bio) physico-chemical activities, the presence and extent of these powers can easily be measured by the technique like tissue histology, ECG, EMG, ELISA etc. The subtle effects of these vital powers are tremendous. These can be awakened and experienced by certain spiritual practices.

The spiritual Sadhana processes of Kundalini Jagaran, Satcakra Bedhan, Yogatrayi, Panckosa Jagaran, Suksmikaran etc. are similar with respect to the fact that they are aimed at the controlled awakening of the subtle levels of consciousness in the human body. The great knowledge of subtlization of the consciousness and the details of related spiritual practices are described in the ancient Indian scriptures.Experiments in this direction should be performed under proper guidance and only after an in-depth understanding of this interesting but difficult field of knowledge. We shall focus here on the manifestations of the subtle consciousness in terms of the controlling of neuro-hormonal processes.

Hormonal activities begin right at the level of embryogenesis. Even before embryogenesis the electrical energy necessary for stability of the sperm is 'supplied' by the mother's hormone. The transmission of Sanskaras via genetic information also takes place with the help of these hormones which ultimately govern the development of the body and the personality as a whole.

When the embryo after developing into a complete body enters the outer ionic environment, then its protection from the harmful interactions and appropriate control of its adaptive processes is also governed by specific hormonal activities.The secretion of hormones is controlled by the subtle consciousness existing in the brain. The seven glands, namely, the Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Thymus, Adrenal and Gonads, spread from top to bottom within the body and control all the biochemical activities during its lifetime by the secretion of various hormones. The secretion of hormones inside a human body also maintains the psychology of the corresponding person. The sexual abilities and temperament of a person depends largely on the levels of specific hormonal activities in his/her body.

The simple Yoga practices of Bandh, Mudra, Asanas etc. along with controlled diet and austere life-style establish control over various hormonal activities. The regulation of hormonal secretion thereby maintains harmony between different parts of body and various physiological and mental activities and emotions which is essential for practicing the higher levels of spiritual upliftment. Astrochemists and Cosmobiologists have found that individual consciousness is subtly linked to the universal consciousness and that this mutual relationship is manifested in the natural hormonal secretion processes within the body. They describe about the direct effect of the Sun upon the Pineal gland, Moon upon the Pituitary, Mars upon Parathyroid, Jupiter upon Adrenal, and Venus upon Gonads. Further scientific investigations into these relationships would help understand the Indian scriptures which describe the spiritual modes of receiving desired level of universal consciousness.

Bioelectricity and the subtle vital system (called the etheric double in Theosophy) are interlinked. Every cell, tissue and organ of our body is charged with bio electricity. Control of the cellular membrane potentials by the sodiumpotassium pump, ADP/ATP systems and cyclic AMP etc. are examples of the electrochemical reactions responsible for the intercellular communications and hence for the regulation of various physiological/biological activities in our body.

A couple of decade ago, Dr. Fred Wales had studied the electrical metabolism. An analysis of his results shows that during respiration every living being inhales negative ions which are dispersed throughout the body electrifying its constituent units. These ions are transmitted back into the surrounding atmosphere through the skin pores - creating and electrical circuit thereby. Modern instruments have helped in a detailed study of this process of absorption (respectively excretion) of the negative ions by the lungs (respectively the skin pores). With the help of Pezo, Pyro and Metabolic electricity every human body can be visualized as a bio electric system or a living power house.

Many tissues in our body function like specific crystals and work like transducers in solid state physics. Every carbon atom in this body has a capacity to store electrical energy. It is only in some exceptional situations, that the static electrical storage of the vital system is found to be suddenly activated. However, the Sadhana processes of spirituality make it possible to utilize this enormous electrical potential for desired effects. The immediate and simple manifestations of these effects are seen in the form of development of an energetic, enthusiastic and bright personality. The resistance power of the body also depends on this bio electricity. This power can be enhanced by the Hansyoga of the Sauham Sadhana. Even the voice and speech of such Yogis can influence their surroundings by the latent bioelectric effects.

Biomagnetism and bioelectricity are the powers activated in different states within the body. As mentioned earlier, the formation of the Aura, Psychic healing, Vital passing, Gazing, Hypnotism and Saktipat (transfer of spiritual energy by spiritually more powerful persons into devotees) etc. are the processes related to biomagnetism which are often practiced by the Yogis. The magnetic field around the heart in normal human beings is found to be around 5x1011 tesla units when measured by a magnetocardiogram. Sensitive instruments like a Squeed can be used to measure the minute changes in the magnetic current with respect to the flow of vital energy.

These sophisticated instruments have also made it possible to measure the magnetic field around the two poles (The Sahasrar  and the Muladhar) of the dipole magnet in the spinal cord (Shusumna). With the advancement of EMG technique it is now possible to measure the D.C. potential around the upper pole (situated at the top of the central brain) of the above biomagnet. Different procedures of meditations are described in the ancient Indian Philosophy for the purpose of enhancing the biomagnetism and thereby awakening the Mind cell (the psychic consciousness). Dedicated learning and persistent spiritual practices enable true saints and seers to attain a supernatural memory, intellect and discretion.

Modern science has just begun to realize the importance of neurohormonal secretions in creating supernatural talents as described in detail in the ancient  Indian scriptures. As a dedicated practitioner (Sadhak) of spiritual training reaches higher levels of spiritual realizations, the subtler forms of his/her consciousness awaken giving rise to certain very specific neurohormonal secretions. Awakening of the intuitive consciousness (Vigyanmaya kosa) is one such spiritual practice.

Some recent scientific experiments on neurohormonal secretions indicate that the devotional practice of meditation with purity of thoughts by austere persons results in the secretion of various hormones like Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA, Serotonin, Endorphines and Encephalines etc. which in turn increase the internal happiness, concentration, memory, emotional maturity and overall body energy in such persons. Different, physical forms (Mudras) of Yoga along with meditation help faster attainment of the desired effects. Some well known supernatural powers normally attained during the spiritual practices of awakening of the intuitive consciousness are telepathy, prophecy, capabilities of converting one form of matter into another etc. It should be noted that a true seer never uses these powers for a mere display of magic aimed at gaining popularity, instead, he/she makes a careful and timely utilization of such powers only for the welfare of all living beings.

The highest level of consciousness, namely, the beatitudinous consciousness subtly exists in the reticular activation system (RAC) and the cortical nuclei in the human brain. Ancient Indian scriptures mention a great deal about this ultimate level of human consciousness. In the present era, a little but significant knowledge about the RCA has come into light with the help of advanced medical electronics. Histopathological analysis of the electrical stimulation of this system by external field has shown that the cortical nuclei help awaken subtle consciousness under the controlled and continuous stimulation given by the RCA through thalamic projection. Deep meditation during the higher level of spiritual practices (e.g. Nididdhyasan, Prtyahar, and Samadhi) is found to create such effects which help link the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness through the subtle Meson and Neutrino particles.

It may be noted that, in order to make the scientific explanation comprehensive, only some simple aspects of the human consciousness are described here. A complete analysis of the human consciousness would require further advancement of scientific research before the latter can attempt investigations in this regard. The final stage (Ayamatma Brahm) of the spiritual practice (Sadhana) of awakening of the beatitudinous consciousness (Anandmaya Kosa) cannot be described in words. Its physical realization or an analysis of the experiences of its attainment is beyond the reach of modern science.

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