Science of Mantra

Mantra Vigyan as developed by the –Rishis – the Indian sages of yore, is a science based on the realization of the omnipotent power of Shabd– the eternal sound.

The limitless power of Sabda enfolded in the specific compilation of the Vaidika Mantras was deeply realized by the rishis. They were therefore known as mantra Drusta – the visionaries of mantras. They had experienced, experimented and expanded enormous applications of the science of mantras. While teaching different modes of mantra-sadhans , they had also warned concerning the precautions necessary to avoid any improper use of such mantras. Prof. Bever, a noted scholar from Germany, has also expressed similar opinion about the immense subliminal power indwelling in the mantras.

The quality of sound we hear in different ways does have a direct bearing upon our mental and emotional reactions. This could be seen in our day-to-day encounters too. For example, the roaring sound of a lion or the trumpeting of an elephant does create a feeling of fear even if it is heard for the first time or even if the listener does not recognize ‘what sound is that?’ Similar is true of the ‘irritating’ voice of a crow. On the contrary, whenever heard, the sweet warbling sound of a nightingale is going to generate soothing effects only.... The latent vibrations of Shabdimmanent in every kind of sound, can stir the ocean of surrounding energy waves to separate out and expunge the forces of opposite (insidious) quality.

Every mantra in the Vedas has been linked with a Devta that symbolizes an eternal energy field of specific flow of cosmic consciousness. Whenever a mantra is enunciated or chanted in a specific rhythmic manner, its associated sonic waves expand in a specific pattern and after traversing across the layers of energy-particles in the surrounding space reach and penetrate the corresponding cosmic nuclei of divine powers.

The subtle energy of mind generated through meditation while performing a japa of the mantras helps transformation of the sound waves into electromagnetic waves for necessary cosmic transmission. The collision of the mantra-waves with the corresponding divine power center results in the reflection of the desired (as per the aim of the associated mantra) cosmic radiation. The latter return back to the physical and subtle energy cores in and around the Sadhak, or, reach at some other ‘point’ in the universe as directed by the specific chanting pattern of the corresponding mantra.

The above process of transmission and reception or ‘communication’ between the sadhaka and the divine center(s) is slow and shows negligible effects in the beginning. Its impact gradually increases in a compounded manner with the dedicated practice and perfection in the Upasana and japa of the mantra along with a rise in the intrinsic faith, mental piety and concentration and continence of the sadhaka

Savita – the subtle body, the eternal source of energy for the Sun – is supposed to be the devata of the great Gayatri Mantra. A truly devoted, spiritual sadhaka of this mantra receives the vital energy, inspiration and divine illumination from Savita. Apart from the natural gains of the physical and mental vigor and discerning intellect, his attitude gets enlightened and likewise the solar rays, his inner mind can envision and reach (realize) everything existing in the universe. The internal piety and moral strength of sentiments and the divine faith of the sadhaka help faster attainment of these miraculous powers through the japa- sadhana of the Gayatri Mantra.

Mouth is described in the Âyurveda as the locus of the agni cakra – the subtle centre for the generation of metabolic powers and thermal energy. The group of energies required for various metabolic and physiological processing is described to have its field of action beginning from the mouth and spreading up to the stomach. The mechanical role of mouth and its energy (utilized in the process of chewing and gulping, for instance) in the digestive system is well known. More important is its role as linked with the vocal cord and hence with the functions of speaking and singing.... The power of speech is among the most significant gifts bestowed upon the human species. Its importance can be very well understood simply by realizing the limitations and disabilities of a dumb fellow.

At the gross level, the agni cakra of mouth performs the initial phase of digestive mechanism, at the subtle level, it ‘produces’ voice and helps pronunciation. At the astral level it generates divine flows of the ‘currents’ of sabda in the individual consciousness. While the first two are well known to most of us, the third and the most significant role is experienced only by the experts of the japa yoga – the spiritual endeavors associated with japa and meditation of mantras. The inlet of mouth is also regarded a living havan kuñda with respect to the divine importance of the sonic energy as a source of expression of multiple manifestations of sabda. One would be surprised to note that the enormous impact of japa yoga is based on this sublime
power of his mouth.

That words spoken could well become the cause of an affectionate relationship or of hatred and hosility – illustrates the fact that the words are not only the carriers of information but they do retain and convey the sentiments of the speaker. The currents of consciousness of the speaker endowed in his speech flow with the sonic vibrations produced by the pronunciation of these words. These elements produce ‘conscious–effects’ at the destination with which the associated sound waves collide. While the acoustic effects could be studied by physical means, the ‘conscious-effects’, being latent and subliminal in nature, can only be realized and analyzed through spiritual practices of yoga sadhanas.

Extraction of the essence of the conscious power of the words (sound) is aimed at in the japa yoga. The physical vibrations generated by the sound of rhythmic enunciation (japa) affect the body of the chanter (sadhaka) and his surrounding space and the associated conscious elements induce his mind and the inner self and ‘titillate’ the related conscious-energy centers in the
cosmic domains.

The science of mantras is founded on the science of the ‘conscious currents’ of the sabda inherent in the musical sound generated by a conscious being. The meaning of the mantras has negligible importance as compared to the specific configuration of syllables/phonemes in them. The Gayatri Mantra is regarded as supreme of all the Vaidika Mantras. In terms of
linguistic meaning, it is a universal prayer of arousal and illumination of righteous intellect in all.Many other divine prayers written in different languages might also imply similar meanings, but it is the unique sonic pattern that gives a unique importance to this mantra.

The subtle sonic pattern of this mantra is supposed to generate specific vibrations in the gross as well as the mental and causal bodies of the sadhaka and in his surroundings. These vibrations empowered by the spiritual force of the sadhaka’s purified inner self conjugate with the extrasensory impulse of the supreme consciousness…. The single lettered (bija) mantras like Hrim, Klim, Ai,Hum, Yam, Fat etc. are of basic importance in the science of mantras because of the special conscious as well as ‘mechanical’ (tantrika) effects of their sounds.

The cyclic enunciation (or chanting) under different rhythms, pitches and intensities is practiced in the japa of a mantra to make different uses of its (mantra’s) sonic vibrations. In Manasika Japa the mantra is uttered silently (mentally); the level of ‘perceivable’ sound increases gradually (e.g. from the silent movements of the lips and the tongue to murmuring and humming) in the upansu and vacika japas. As described in the previous sections, the Vaidika Mantras also have specific swaras (classical musical accents) associated with them that offer varieties in their japa and hence in their effects..... The Sama Gana (vaidika modes of collective chanting) of these mantras indeed creates powerful currents with latent but inducing impacts at the physical and the subtle levels of matter and consciousness.

The consistent japa of the mantras has dual effects: externally, it generates vibrations in the surrounding space and internally, it stimulates the extrasensory energy centers (cakras) and subtle endocrine glands inside the body. The impact of these effects amplifies significantly with continuous repetition of such rhythmic enunciation at a constant pace. Laboratory experiments
have shown the physical strength of rhythmic sound that can empower a small cork to push a heavy iron rod..... A large number of examples of the Doppler effect given in the earlier sections should suffice to evince the physical potential of the superimposed sound waves.

The internal creative effects of japa can be illustrated by simple analogy with the functioning of a typewriter. When a key of a typewriter is pressed, its impact results in the printing of the corresponding letter or symbol on the paper. Similarly, the vibrations produced by silent or vocal enunciation of a syllable or combinations of the syllables of a mantra make specific impressions on the subtle energy centers and nerve-bundles and stimulate them. Regular repeated practice of the same japa under adept disciplines is indeed the root of the enormous potential gained during different spiritual experiments of Mantra-Vijnana.

That friction gives rise to the thermal and electrical (static) energies – is well known to every student of physics. The internal vibrations produced by the sonic waves of japa create similar effects and activate the otherwise unused latent glands and extrasensory energy centers inside the body of the sadhaka.

The advanced scientific applications ranging –– from remote control of the space-crafts by electromagnetic waves; delicate surgeries to heavy metal cutting by the Lasers.... etc clearly illustrate that it is not the equipment or the device but it is the ‘power’ of the (energy) waves that induces such wonderful effects. The supernatural effects of the suprasonic waves generated by the japa of mantras are more remarkable and are still beyond the reach of the advanced instruments (generators and the sensory devices) developed so far.

In terms of the modern (material based) science or acoustics, sound is generated by vibrations produced in any physical medium. The modern psychologists have gone one step ahead by accepting the latent power of voice that affects the minds of the speaker and the listeners.... (e.g. the effects of harsh or affectionate voices of same frequencies and intensities are drastically different....). These are only the crude and restricted manifestations of the power of sabda. The dimensions of sabda expand far beyond the physical, psychological and inner sentimental levels....They include the sublime realms of consciousness and therefore form a subject of investigations by the spiritual scientists.

The japa yoga aims at using the physical as well as the spiritual power of sabda with the help of the specific sonic patterns of the mantras. The subtle energy waves generated by the japa of a mantra reach at the specific cosmic center (linked with the devata of the mantra) and attract the supernatural currents of cosmic consciousness in proportionate amounts.The whole universe is like an ocean of the electromagnetic and conscious energy waves. The flow of thoughts and sentiments takes place via the latter kind of omnipresent waves. The sublime energy waves produced along with the ‘physical’ sound waves by the japa are spread in the cosmos and they reach back (with an amplified impact) to the sadhaka after being superimposed and further ‘electrified’ by the subtle waves of similar nature existing along their cosmic path....

The divine or the evil thoughts generated by an individual mind influence the fields of thoughts in the surrounding by attracting the thought waves of compatible quality and repulsing those of the opposite quality. The thought waves form their own field of attraction that adds to the expansion of the corresponding (divine or evil) currents of thoughts in the cosmic domains as well. Similar is the effect of the waves of consciousness generated by different kinds of sentiments and emotions.

The waves of thoughts or sentiments/emotions of an individual are strengthened in the similar (matching) fields traversed by them during their cosmic journey. And, because of the periodic nature of the movement of waves, they eventually reach back their origin. Completion of each such cycle amplifies the intensity of the associated good or bad effects. These inducing effects,
though subliminal in nature, indeed play an important role in inspiring and shaping one’s character and hence in building one’s destiny too.

The subtle waves generated by the mantra-japa are often more powerful and faster than the thought waves of the sadhaka. If generated repeatedly, in a consistent cyclic manner, these suprasonic waves help create serene and divine ambience within and around the sadhaka with strong field of attraction to influence the other waves of thoughts and sentiments that might
collide with them.

It is well known that the compounded magnetic effects of similar atoms (particles) gives rise to their dense collection. This clustering eventually results in the formation a mine, which gets richer by the augmentation in its power of attraction by successive increase in its repository of similar atoms (particles). Equivalently, the domain of influence of the subtle sonic waves generated by the japa of a mantra expands and becomes more powerful with the increase in the number of persons of similar spiritual levels who perform collective japa.The amplification of the radio waves by powerful transmitters at the relay centers makes their broadcast possible across the globe. Analogously, the force of the conscious energy in the waves generated by the japa intensifies along with the increase in the faith, sincerity, strength and piety
of thoughts and sentiments of the sadhaka(s).

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