Be a True Yogi

Being  part of the omnipresence of God (as the air in a balloon is part of the atmosphere), your real Self (the Soul encased in
), encompasses the entire world. This process (the process of blowing the balloon of body
) is expanding your individual Self to the dimension of All-Self. When this balloon bursts on
attaining this level of awareness, the seeker becomes a Yogi.
A Yogi is one whose individuality has been consciously united (merged) with the cosmic Self. Thus, in
order to become a Yogi one is required to cultivate a sense of at-one-ment and empathy with all beings.

Says Gita-

Sarva Bhutasthamatmanam Sarva Bhutani Chatmani;
Eekchate Yogyuktatma Sarvatra Sam Darshana.

                                                                    (Gita: VI/29)
Equal-visioned everywhere, the man whose self is in Yoga, sees the Self in all beings and beings in the Self.
That is: realizing that all beings are part of that unified existence, the Yogi interacts with them without
discrimination and also perceives one's own Self intrinsically related to all.

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