Essence of Self-realization

Through the magic curtain of Maya (ignorance) we have forgotten our at-one-ment with the ultimate Supreme Source. The moment we awaken to our immortal identity as sparks (Souls) of the Supreme Light (Universal Transcendent Spirit) we are freed from the shackles of fear - death, decay and suffering. With this realization, the entire perspective of 'I' undergoes a metamorphosis. The seeker then reflects: When I am part of that Eternal Being, how can 'I' -the Eternal Self take birth or die?

Not being 'life' in a body why should I feel the necessity of food and water for my existence at a particular place? I am also not the mind stuff, which weaves personal, and material relationships making me unhappy on loss of what I am attached to and happy when I get what I like. Not being the egocentric 'doer', the question of bondage to material world or deliverance from it does not arise.

Progressive expansion of self-identity ultimately leads to the realization that it was inseparably connected with all creation. It was the body-consciousness  which was creating the illusion of an isolated, independent existence of one's own. In a nutshell, this is the vision of Self-Realization. This is the basic tenet of the... See More

The real 'I' is beyond birth and death, does not feel hungry or thirsty, is free from misery and sense of pelf and possession and is simply a witness to all activities of the mind-body-ego-knot. All acquisition of knowledge or information in this world is subject to our personal experience.... See More

Being  part of the omnipresence of God (as the air in a balloon is part of the atmosphere), your real Self (the Soul encased inbody-consciousness), encompasses the entire world. This process (the process of blowing the balloon of bodyconsciousness) is expanding your individual Self to the dimension of All-Self. When this balloon bursts... See More

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