Soul the ever present witness

Try as you may with the farthest range of imagination, you will never succeed in going beyond the Soul. You will never believe that this 'I' is ever non-existent. This 'I' (the Soul) is a drop of that absolute, indestructible, immutable, ocean of consciousness, which we call God. The Soul itself is the spark of that Supreme Sun of The Spirit.

O Seeker! May you, by the grace of God, succeed in perceiving the existence of the Soul in yourself and appreciate that man is a deity in deep slumber unaware of his potentialities. Within a human being there exist, in dormant state, divine potentialities, awaiting discovery and seeking an outlet to manifest themselves in action.

It has been demonstrated in the lives of innumerable mystics, sages, seers and occultists through the ages that these powers can be accessed and made operative, although their mastery requires persistent, single-pointed endeavor. Initially, the progress is slow, but after crossing over the threshold of limiting consciousness , the vision becomes clear and path easy. After that the progress is like an elevator ride. In its original nature, the individual Soul (Atma) in each embodied being is an indivisible portion of the Absolute (Parmatma).

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