Yagya's Effect on Environment - A Study

स्वास्थ्य सुख सम्पत्ति दाता, दुःख हारी यज्ञ है । भूलोक से ले सूर्य तक, शुभ परम पावन यज्ञ है॥ सर्व भूतों के सभी विध, दुख नसावन यज्ञ है ।

Under steam volatilization, the various volatile oils get diffused in the surrounding atmosphere along with steam and smoke. Since these oils have distinct good smell, the foul odors are automatically replaced. This aroma can be experienced easily in the surroundings when Yagya is performed due to diffusion of substances like... See More

The partial oxidation of hydrocarbons and decomposition of complex organic substances produce formal aldehyde which is a powerful antiseptic. It is also interesting to note that germicidal action of formaldehyde is only effective in the presence of water vapor which is also produced in large quantities in Yagya. The use... See More

There are non-bacterial parasites like flies, ringworm, dice, fleas etc., which are immune to bactericides, which are also harmful to other living beings. Such insects which are generally immune to ordinary reagents. However they either get killed or are driven away, when they come in contact with the fumes of... See More

The disinfection of air is not only useful to animal life but also helps plant’s life though the bacteria responsible for diseases in both may be different. The aromatic substances during Yagya get diffused in the air and offer protection to plant life against harmful organisms. This ensures healthy plant... See More

Consignment of the wood and other organic maters to flames has been always controversial because of generation of CO and CO 2 and increase in consequent ‘green house’ effect. It had been argued that performance of Yagya also produces CO and CO2. It should be noted here that the way... See More

A group of scientists led by Dr. Manoj Garg, Director, Environmental and Technical Consultants and the Uttar Pradesh pollution control board conducted experiments during the Ashwamedha Yagya at Gorakhpur, U.P. Theseexperiments were set up at about 20 meters east from the Yagyashala. The samples of 100 ml each of water... See More

Phosphorous 4076 mg per kg. Potassium 3407 mg per kg. Calcium 7822 mg per kg. Magnesium 6424 mg per kg. Nitrogen 32 mg per kg. Quispar 2% W/W These results clearly support the claims made about the role of Yagya in control of air pollution. The Deputy Director, Agriculture had... See More

The effects of yagya are not confined to the removal of atmospheric pollution and medicinal purification. It is only the gross facet.Ies sublime effects are more intensive and amazing – prominent among these is the parjanya.  Parjanya implies sublime showers of streams of vital energy and spiritual strength from the... See More

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