Role of CO2 generated in Yagya

Consignment of the wood and other organic maters to flames has been always controversial because of generation of CO and CO 2 and increase in consequent ‘green house’ effect. It had been argued that performance of Yagya also produces CO and CO2. It should be noted here that the way in which the Samidhas andHavishya are burnt in Yagya is a process of slow combustion at higher temperature. While the burning of coal in factories or in the household fire involves rapid combustion. where oxygen is sucked in large quantities and enormous CO2 is emitted. In the slow combustion taking place in the process of Yagya, small quantity of O2 is utilized meager CO2 is emitted that poses no threat to the environment. In fact whatever CO2 is generated it is readily absorbed by the surrounding vegetation and CO2 cycle is strengthened.

The other important aspect is the fact that CO2 produced in Yagya is not always free CO2 but it remains mixed with other aromatic oils and antiseptic products. It therefore, acts as a vehicle in transporting such products to distant surroundings.The use of CO2 as a cerebral stimulant to assist the patients suffering from lack of ventilation is common in medical world. Its use to control and cure many mental disorders is also known to medical science. Small amounts of CO2 inhaled by the persons performing Yagya acts as a stimulant and more and more aromatic fumes are inhaled which help in curing mental disorders.Particularly effective results with respect to the elimination or reduction in radiation were achieved through Yagya’s fire and ash. These observations are made by Dr. L. Maela Anatoninhowska of Poland after using P.S.I. techniques.

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