The Potency of Subtlization and Sublimation

The herbal medicines in yagyopathy work on the principle of magnified potency by subtlization and sublimation.  It is a well-known fact the oral medicines consumed in gross form (e.g. tablets or syrup) have lesser effect as compared to those infused in the blood stream directly by injections. If inhaled through breath and the skin pores in vaporized or gaseous form, the same medicine would have many-old positive effects. Subtlization and sublimation increase their potency exponentially.   

It’s a simple fact; known to most of us that subtlization increases the potency of material substances. For example soaked and abraded almond has greater effect as tonic than the solid one. Its semi-liquid form obtained by scrubbing is even more effective than the paste prepared by grinding.  Half-chewed, somehow gulped morsel of bread would not give that benefit as the properly chewed one. If one is forced to eat even a tiny piece of gold or silver coin, it would create serious problems for him. However, the same metal when powdered processed into fire and converted into a bhasm (medicinal ash) would become a part of a medicine or tonic.
The plant and herbal medicines of Ayurveda work on the aforesaid principle that finer grinding, patting, pounding and stirring result in greater extraction and concentration of the healing effects. Similar is the case of the homeopathic drugs. Here the potency of the drugs is increased by subtlization. Allopathic treatments by intravenous injections also work faster and more effectively as compared to giving the same medicines orally in grosser forms.  In case of Yagya-based therapy, the coarse havan-samagri sacrifised in the yagyagni is subtlized, sublimated and transformed into gaseous or vapor form. How its potency and healing effects magnify in this process could be understood by the familiar case of red chilly.  When a red chilly is kept in its solid one-piece form no one would experience or notice its existence. It might irritate and cause burning sensation in the hands of the one who grinds it. But if the same tiny piece is ignited in fire, we would find everyone around coughing, sneezing and pouring tears…; the irritation in throat, nose, breathing pipe and burning in the eyes would be unbearable in the large surrounding area wherever, its smoke is spread.  The scientific process of Yagya makes maximum use of the marvelous effect of subtlization and sublimation in the carefully designed (for controlled gradual temperature variation) Yagya-kuñdas. 

When one takes an oral medicine (e.g. a tablet), it first reaches the stomach from where only a fraction of it goes to the blood after metabolism. The rest gets drained out with urine and faces. Thus the effect of the drug materializes only partly; this is further reduced if the patient’s digestive system is weak. The same drug if infused directly in to the blood stream by intra-venous injection, certainly shows rapid and better effect. However, here too its significant effect could be lessened by the deficiencies (of specific chemicals for instance) in the blood, problems of blood flow etc. The risks of counter-reactions are more in this case as the entire dose reaches the blood almost instantaneously. Moreover, it is not certain, whether the drug reaches the subtle components of the body in the desired form?  The healing offered by Yagya is free from all such limitations. The sublimated drug (healing substances) reaches each and every component of the body through the skin pore and breathing. 
Respiratory system is most efficient and prominent among all the inlets (for energy and healthy substances) and outlets (for waste and harmful substances) of the body. We intake water and food through the mouth and expel the rejected and rotten portions through the urinary tube and rectum and through perspiration.… The most important source of our survival is given to us by our respiratory system.  We all know the necessity of oxygen, which is inhaled by us through breathing. We might sustain our life for several days without food, could even continue to breathe without water for few days, but can’t prolong it beyond few minutes in the absence of oxygen. The non-stop work done by the respiratory system alone in carrying the vital energy source to every particle of the body, is more crucial and heavier than that of the digestive system and accessory components and organs in maintaining the living body.  The respiratory system and the galaxy of skin pores play the key role in enabling the absorption of the praña, the energy and the healing currents (including the herbal drug effects) of Yagya in the blood, organs and the cellular, molecular and subtler units of our body.   


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