What is the significance of Yagya in spirituality ?

Gayatri has been regarded as the mother and, Yagya as father of Indian spiritual tradition. Yagya finds place in all sacred and auspicious ceremonies in Indian culture . In Gayatri Upasana too, it is essential. The number of oblations in Havan may preferably be one-tenth... Read More

Is it necessary to perform Yagya along with Jap of Gayatri Mantra?

नित्य गायत्री जप, उदित होते स्वर्णिम सविता का ध्यान, नित्य यज्ञ, अखण्ड दीप का सान्निध्य, दिव्यनाद की अवधारणा, आत्मदेव की साधना की दिव्य संगम स्थली है- शान्तिकुंज गायत्री तीर्थ।Gayatri and Yagya form an inseparable pair. One is said to be the mother of Indian culture and the other, the father.... Read More

Is it necessary to perform Yagya daily ?

Gayatri and Yagya constitute a pair. Gayatri has been called righteous wisdom and Yagya as righteous act. Coordination of both gives wisdom to solve all problems. Yagya may be performed as and when it is convenient. It can suffice to utter Gayatri Mantra and offer ghee and sugar in fire.... Read More

How many Kunds are required in a Yagya?

On a small scale, the members of the family may offer 2400 (cumulative) Ahutis in a Single Kund Yagya . If neighbors, relatives and friends also wish to participate, a five Kundiya Yagya may be organized and five thousand oblations offered. कुण्डों की संख्या... Read More

What is bali deva dakshina yajna ?

The scriptures have directed the usage of Swaha and Swadha while offering the oblations. In a praise of God (Yajna Purusha) it has been said: "Tvamekam Sharanyam" (you are the one and only Refuge for us), "Tvamekam Varenyam" (you are the one and only Choice for us). In the worship... Read More

What are the application of yajna for healing ?

Amidst the fascinating achievements of the modern era of science and technology in improving our comfort levels, stress and pollution have posed the major challenges for our well-being. The world is beginning to realize that the comforts provided to us by modern science and technology do not necessarily always make... Read More

What type of Prasad is recommended during Poornahuti?

 In the existing circumstances, it is advised to replace Brahmbhoj with Brahmadan, wherein instead of sweets, literature pertaining to Gayatri Sadhana is distributed as Prasad to the deserving participants. ... Read More

What is the necessity of collective-Yagyas?

Yagya s at a larger scale are required to be performed to purify the subtle environment and destroy pollution permeating the atmosphere. It infuses religious sentiments and enthusiasm in persons who are present and those who participate in it get an opportunity to take a vow to abandon one vice... Read More

Is Agnihotra during the nights justified for matrimonial functions ?

In fact scriptures advise performance of marriages and associated Agnihotra ( Yagya ) during the day only. However, it has become customary in India to perform marriages during the night because of the convenience and leisure of participants. Agnihotra associated with matrimonial functions performed during the night are, therefore, exceptions.... Read More

What type of clothes are recommended during performance of Yagya?

 During a Yagya , the purifying energy emanating from the Agnihotra stimulates the outer skin and permeates the body through the physical perforations, bringing out sweat and other impurities from within. It is therefore, advisable to wear loose clothes to permit an easy intake of ' Pran'- the life -force... Read More

Is Akhand Yagya permissible?

Scriptures do not permit Akhand Yagya . Yagya should be completed in a fixed time during the day only. The reason being the possibility of insects, worms etc. getting killed in the sacred fire, which makes it a violent and profane act.... Read More

What is the significance of Havan (Yagya) in an Anusthan?

Jap and Havan are basic ingredients of an Anusthan . After initiation (Dikcha) the worshipper (Sadhak) makes a total surrender to Gayatri and Yagya (his spiritual parents), which are inseparable. Invocation of both is done through specified procedures during the Anusthan .... Read More

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