Advance Arrangements of Deep Yagya

There is a need to exhort devout persons of all persuasions to participate in the DeepYagya. They should be made to understand that with a view to tiding over the catastrophic dangers inherent in the present-day world and in order to effectively and actively contribute towards the ushering in of the New Golden Era of Peace, Harmony and Understanding, humanity as a whole has to undergo soul-transformation and truly live a life of spiritual unity-in- diversity by gradually adopting forum of prayer and worship having universal acceptance- with common features.

All faiths recognise the far-reaching effects of mass worship. Divine powers in the invisible realm are determined to restore harmony in human affairs and bring forth a Bright Future. The collective spiritual efforts through these DeepYagyas make possible the bonding of noble human aspirations with divine powers. Therefore, all enlightened human beings of all faiths must consciously contribute their mite to achieve this noble goal.  

The significance or success of a “DeepYagya” can not be evaluated by the number of lamps lighted but by the numbers of persons participating in the it. Attempts should be made for motivation of people by personal contacts. Its aims should be explained to arouse sacred feelings and emotions in them. While in small gatherings in villages or mohallas, brief and concise expositions serve the purpose well, in larger gatherings, distribution of leaflets containing aims and objects of the Yagya is more effective. It is advisable to get a written resolution, Sankalp Patra, from the participants to ensure their future participation. Jap or writing of Gayatri Mantra, and reciting of Gayatri Calisa are important aids for the success of programmes. The benefits of self-elevation and self-purification are so evident that people themselves would feel grateful for the opportunity given to them to participate in the sanctifying ritual.   

It can be performed within a family, with a few lamps and at regional level, on larger scale with thousands of lamps. If there

4 Deep Yagya is enthusiasm and zeal in the participants, they may bring with them all the essential items like Deepaka, incense sticks, stand, and match box etc. along with akshat (grains of rice), roli and flowers, in a plate. Deepakas, incense sticks etc. should be arranged on platforms or tables in such a manner that every one can have a clear view of the glittering lamps. Selected volunteers as per requirement for lighting the Lamps in large gatherings should be kept ready for various activities. They should be trained in advance, to perform the rituals at the proper time, in a proper manner as per instructions. The timely performance of all actions in a coordinated way enables the maintenance of continuity and makes the environment holy, solemn, delightful, pleasing and impressive. In order to make the occasion solemn and spiritually charged it would be advisable to begin the programme with a devotional song or Kirtana before formally starting the Yagya ceremonies. The explanation of songs, actions, instructions and rituals should be brief, well balanced, and well monitored. Care should be taken that divine flow of Yagyaiya inspirations is not interrupted due to long explanations.

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