Procedure of Deep Yagya

Deep Yagya Paddhati (Procedure)
It has been composed in Sanskrit Satras rather than in shlokas. Therefore, being easy in comprehension, recitation and repetition, this Satra paddhati has proved very popular in India and abroad. In this paddhati, the underlying philosophy has been explained below under the caption "Introduction", while the emotions, feelings and actions have been given under the heading "Procedure". These can be easily comprehended by the assembled devotees, if explained properly and briefly. It is by discreetly explaining the instructions pertaining to rites and rituals as well as the spirit behind them that the masses can be associated with a life dedicated to Yagyaiya life style. Being simple and easy, any literate, enthusiastic and interested person can learn the procedure for conducting "DeepYagya" within 2-4 days. In this way, the movement of "Vichar Kranti" and spiritual uplift of the masses through the message of the Gayatri Mission can be spread rapidly.   

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