A splendid Gayatri Shaktipeeth has been Newly Established in the Midst of Tallest Peaks of Himalaya

Gayatri Chetna and Self-Dependent Kendra situated in Munsiyari in the midst of divine Himalayas, naturally helps you to absorb the divinity of Himalaya when you do meditation there. Adarniya Dr. Pranav Pandya inaugurated the center by doing the Praan Pratishta in Munsiyari which is situated in the district of Almora, on 8th November, 2015 in the divine land of Kumaon Unchal in Uttarakhand.

Just like the Rishi- Muni had influenced the world by their supernatural spiritual powers and divine experiences, seekers/devotees will get the glimpse of divine Himalaya. and also get extraordinary spiritual experiences.

Adarniya Dr. Pranav Pandyaji had first seen this land in 1997 and had envisioned it as meditation and Self-Dependent Kendra. Circumstances were not very easy. It needed co-operation of thousands of people along with meeting official paperwork requirements. Collection of money and material was also not easy. After immense hard work and many visits this dream of Dr. Saheb was finally fulfilled.

Highlights of this Kendra

  • Spiritual Sadhana camps (5 days/9days etc) will start here after March 2016.
  • The height of this Chetna Kendra
  • Meditate Here and Collaborate with Divine
  • Munsiyari is situated on the border of India, China and Nepal
  • This is Swami Vivekananda’s place of penance
  • These camps will be run under the leadership of Shantikunj
  • Establishment of Gayatri Mata, Shri Rameshwar Mahadev and Yagyashala

Saadhna Shivir

Five days saadhna Anushthan Shivir will be started from March 2016. 50-70 people will be accommodated in one session. Two sadhaks will share one room. The instructions for sadhna will be broadcasted through speakers installed in rooms.

In absence of sadhna our life gets disturbed. This is the most suitable center for sadhna, where one can experience God in physical form. In Gita, Bhagwan ShreeKrishna has mentioned that amongst the physical objects, he is "Himalaya". In the Morning Meditation, Pram Pujya Gurudev gives instructions to meditate on Devatma Himalaya, which is visible from here.

The natural environment of this place gives an incredible experience of divinity. It gives an opportunity to do sadhna and to experience insight in an environment away from worldly clamor like Rishi-Munis. It helps to practice in order to endure living with nature’s harshness. The feeling of being on top of the summit, gives realization of one’s greatness and immensity.

The live statue of Gayatri Mata, infuses the divinity in mind and heart.

Swablamban (Self Dependence)

This region was home for rugs and carpet weaving industry. After entry of Belgium’s synthetic carpet, this industry has been closed. This center has been instrumental in initiating the carpet industry once again in this area. The local people are trained for this industry. With increase in employment for locals in this region, there has been increase in faith towards this center as well.

There is a plan to create nursery and the researchers to cultivated useful herbs. Apart from this, depending upon the availability of the land, local people will be trained on various other self-dependence activities like making of spices, fruits Jams, pickles and jelly will be provided. Gayatri pariwar will also help in marketing of these products.

Shiksha yojnaaye

The expansion of Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan pareeksha will be done through this center. There is a aim to include around 10,000 students from this region. The distance education programs of DSVV will be run from this center

Message from Adarniya Dr. Pranav Pandyaji:

Dr. Pandyaji said, “I want spiritual seekers to come here from this country and also foreign lands and perform spiritual practices by meditating on the divine Himalayan Mountains.” He also wants the seekers to absorb these supernatural spiritual powers in their lives and at the same time spread it worldwide. “Spiritualism is the only way you can spread qualities such as love, compassion and peace in the world.” said Dr. Pandya.

You can see all the succession of Himalayan peaks very closely from here. You feel as if celestial Himalaya is waiting eagerly with open arms to give you hug.

Param Pujya Gurudev has called Gayatri as Kalpvriksha and Himalaya as Paras. You can easily get the glimpse and touch the Himalaya from here, which is not possible from any other place. All the walls in the Chetna Kendra facing the Himalaya are made of glass. From these windows you can get the view of Panchchuli peaks which are called the five fingers of Lord Shiva. During sunrise these mountains shine like silver and gold giving amazing contentment, serenity and peace. In coming days one will hear sounds of bells and Gayatri mantra coming from this Chetna Kendra in these valley.

By-Dr. Pranav Pandyaji


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