Yoga & Health

Various awareness programs & an inspired research on collective as well as separate effects of the influence of mental therapy, yoga-asana , pranayam and meditation in the Brahmvarchas research center at Shantikunj.

Reviving Ayurveda

Ayurveda has deep and expanded foundations than modern medical sciences. Research work, treatment, awareness on vedic way of life and a unit set up for producing herbal medicines in DSVV, Haridwar.

Alternative Therapies

Free consultancy,OPD for general masses, Residential therapy, Training and classes on alternatives therapies like Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Pranic Healing, acupressure, Psycho-therapy, Physiotherapy, Yagyopathy, Yoga Therapy etc.

Yagyo Pathy
Applications of Yajna for Healing.

Pioneering work on unique therapies like yagyopathy and mantra- therapy has been done here. Many  ’incurable’ diseases have been cured by these therapies.

Pragya Yogaasan

Special set of postures with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra's segments, in specific sequel with deep breathing would help not only strengthening the nerves, muscles, organs, blood supply but also induce soothing effects in the mind as well.

Blood Donation & Health Camps

Various Blood Donation Camps & Free Health Checkups organized by Gayatri Pariwar team across the globe.


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