योग और सवस्थ

Scientific researchers have proven that Yog identifies and highlights the inner potentialities of human life and give them right direction to attain good health and happiness. 

Yog is the best scientific technique to enhance the dimensions of human life.

Various Yoga & health related camps organized across the globe. 

Pragya Yog Aasan & Pragya Sadhana are modified sequence of yoga steps given by yug rishi to deal with current health & stress related issues. 

Under the Yogic Science Department of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Yoga and Alternative Therapy Center is working in full swing.

Below are regular courses. Along with that, distance foundational course in Yogic science is also offered. This is also beneficial to those who aspire career in Yoga and alternative therapies. Click here to check details.

Regular Courses Offered by DSVV related Yoga
SI. No.Name of the Programme OfferedCategory
1Certificate Course in Yoga and Alternative TherapyUG (Regular)
2Certificate Course in Holistic Health ManagementUG (Regular)
3B.A. (Yogic Science as a subject)UG (Regular)
4B.Sc. (Yogic Science as a subject)UG (Regular)
5M.A. in Applied Yoga & Human ExcellencePG (Regular)
6M.Sc. in Yogic Science & Holistic HealthPG (Regular)
7M.A./M.Sc. in Human Consciousness and Yogic SciencePG (Regular)
8P.G. Diploma in Human Consciousness & Yoga TherapyPG (Regular)
9Integrated Master Degree Programme in M.A. in Applied Yoga & Human ExcellencePG (Regular)
10Integrated Master Degree Programme in M.Sc. in Yogic Science & Holistic HealthPG (Regular)
11Doctorate in Human Consciousness and Yogic SciencePh.D.


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