Philosophy of Donation

Donation is the activity performed for selflessness. This is aligned with the philosophy of yagya - Idam Na Mam i.e. This is not mine.

Different streams of Donation: " YUG NIRMAN MISSION " guide person for donation of following things: 

TIME: One can donate time and can be guided to perform any welfare activity.

RESOURCE: Person can donate cloths, food etc for mission activities.

TALENT : One can use their talent for mission activity. e.g. Web Developer can use talent for developing website with the stream of THIS IS NOT MINE, this develop surrender towards supreme.

POWER: Person can use their power, for Ex Leader can organize sessions for their subordinates for their welfare with the felling of THIS IS NOT MINE.

Labour: one can perform labour activity for higher purpose.

Life : Many People in this mission has donated their life i.e. this life is for the Construction of Era.

Donation with feeling of IDAM NA MAM generates following essence in person :

IDAM NA MAM- [THIS IS NOT MINE] - This is not mine but by grace of other, We the DONOR is able to perform this.

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