The ancient Indian rishis were scientists of spirituality, consciousness and Nature. Their acumen into the deepest depth of human mind had enabled them to develop a perfect science of systematic refinement and escalation of intrinsic faith and inherent tendencies of human self. They had developed the system of shodash sanskaras – sixteen sacraments – in this regard for the benefit of the masses. These sixteen sacraments are methods of conditioning and training or experiments of purification of accumulated instincts and inculcation of virtuous tendencies, performed during specific transitional phases of life. The combination of powerful mantras and procedures of yagya associated with each of these rituals had resulted from long-term dedicated research conducted by the rishis. This system of shodash sanskaras was devised to affect the subtle levels of human consciousness and hence had an impact on the psychology, endocrine system and genetic machinery too. The shodash sanskaras are integral part of the Indian culture and philosophy of life.

The scientific, psychological and spiritual implications of all the sanskaras were also reviewed by Shantikunj. These are taught here during the training programs.

Sanskars Performed in Shantikunj Daily at 5 AM. There is no prior appointment needed (except Vivah Sanskar) - Just drop by a day before. The shared accommodation and food are also provided without any cost.

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