Corporate Challenges

In the current scenario corporate challenges can be broadly classified as Value based issues like honesty, respect and sense of belonging and ethical issues like tax evasion, wrong accounting and negligence of eco-system.

In this context, successful organizations are different from excellent organizations.  Success may be of one dimensions but excellence is of multiple dimensional in the company. The philosophy, corporate social responsibility and outlook of the policy makers unconsciously creates a culture of the organization known as corporate culture.

Values are inherently associated with Spirituality.Values like honesty, sense of responsibility, Sense of belonging, Respect for human emotions etc. are in fact such a kind of wealth which can be described as spiritual capital. Some possession that enhances quality of life and impart meaning to life. While the driving forces... See More

■ Tax evasion■ Wrong Accounting■ Negligence of Eco-system How should we respond to the wave of scandals that have hit corporate world? Immediate measure seems to be only one : more laws in general and criminal laws in particular.Toughening existing criminal laws and adding new ones might seem the best... See More

(5 days a week X 24 hrs a day v/s 6 days a week X 9 hrs a day) :There is no doubt that the output demands imposed upon executive in most of the corporate world are unprecedented. On one hand the amount of stress, the number of hours required... See More

This has been proven medically that symptoms of around 80% diseases of our times are caused by mental processes rather than some physiological causes. 80% Popularly known as life-style disorders, these syndromes are classified as neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders by the World Health Organization.Man is a social animal. The... See More

With globalization influence of western culture is evident rather stark in corporate world today.'As far as the organizational capabilities of west, we have to embrace it with open arms''                                                             ... See More

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