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The word “culture” nowadays is used in so many peripheral contexts that its original meaning seems to have lost its relevance. For example, we have a “popular culture”, by which is meant the collective human intellectual achievements. There is a “consumerist culture”, which is taken by some as a determinant... See More

Spirituality in real sense is Inculcating and imbibing Virtues and Divine qualities.Refinement of personality based on higher and nobler dimensions of Self. Corporate world is struggling to understand the place of spirituality at work and its implications. Our inner potential can be best gauged only by broadening our understanding of... See More

Enron, World Com & other recent debacles subsequently gave birth to the ethics consulting industry.Necessity for managers & leaders to behave ethically, foster holistic approach in decision making. Ethics is the systematic study of voluntary actions which make up everyday conduct and behaviors of Human Beings.It can be descriptive or... See More

The greatest success in life is to attain discriminatory wisdom. When one develops the ability to differentiate between the genuine and the sham, good and bad, one becomes aware about the real and true aim of life. With the awakening of the power of discrimination, one gets rid of worries,... See More

Every episode of the lives of great personalities showers the nectar of inspiring guidance, solace and courage to soothe our minds and heart even in the moments of fury, tension, anguish, apprehension, depression, tragedy, anxiety, dilemma or confusion…. The noble company of such persons is described in the scriptures as... See More

Ever since the ancient times human beings lived and survived as a society. The trait of co-operation has contributed more than anything else to the present highly developed stage of civilization. The decline in the Indian society during and after the medieval age owes a lot to the unorganized fragmented... See More

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