Cleaning the subtle Atmosphere

While the (external) environment encompasses air, water, soil and other components of Nature that are vital in physical expression and sustenance of living beings, the invisible flow of thought waves, mental and emotional impulses, and subtle reactions and inscriptions of karma constitute the subliminal environment or ambience of life. The ambience created by consistent presence of constructive thinking, piety of moral conduct and greater proportion of good and prudent people endowed with the ideals of humanity is naturally serene, soothing and induces a sacred peace. On the contrary, as we might have experienced in one way or the other these days, the corruption of intentions and deeds, perversion of thinking and the presence of people having such declining conduct and ignorance gives rise of some kind of restlessness, suffocation and dullness in the ambience.

The resultant effect of the attitude, thoughts, intrinsic nature, conduct and actions of the people generates the ambience around them. The sickness and weakening of the body has roots in the mind. Unless the mental ailments and impurities are cleared, no measure could overcome the other pollution and adversities. 

Thus purification of the subtle environment or global ambience (sukshma vatavarana) appears to be the principal goal to be achieved towards universal remedy against the threat to the very existence of humanity and life on the earth. Whatever projects at global and local levels are being tried towards the cleaning the toxic air, water etc could continue but it should be noted that purification of the sukshma vatavarana is more important. The spiritual acumen and clairvoyance of the rishis had realized this eternal fact ages ago and had therefore focused on the purity and illumination of the sukshma vatavarana, which ensured ideal environment on the gross fronts of life too. The flow of thoughts is more powerful than cyclones. It shapes the societies and global trends. This flow in the ambience at war times induces corresponding enthusiasm and intrepid wave in everyone.

When the waves of luxurious and pleasure oriented aptitude are on, we find enormous varieties of fashions, addictions and tides of lavishness and luxury and amorous and erotic trends in the society. The impact of the global ambience today has shades of self-absorbing, narrow-minded, comfort-driven ideology and sensuous passions that have waned and shrouded the humane values and converted the human society into an ensemble of mutually exploiting consumers and commodities. This is the hidden influence of the sukshma vatavarana that spreads in no time and grabs the wider and wider pools of the dormant, weak and unaware minds. The wave of communism triggered by influential thinkers and rulers of the USSR and Germany had gradually created an ambience in its support and molded the public interest accordingly. Their efforts were gross, mainly based on pressure, bribery and propaganda. This is why, despite embracing over one-third of the world, their system could not succeed too long and faced disintegration and invasion of the free-markets and consurmerization. For deeper and viable impact, the sublime foundation of the ambience should also be firm, deep and far-reaching. The refinement of the sukshma vatavarana today demands such endeavors, but these cannot be achieved without spiritual means. Our rishis had recommended Yagya as an excellent spiritual mode for this purpose.

When Yagyas are adeptly performed with collective chanting of powerful mantras by spiritually refined s³dhakas and using appropriate havan s³magrº and wood, the spiritual waves of mantraïakti and Yagya-energy so generated pervade in wider etheric domains. It sparks divine radiance in all those participating in Yagya and those, whose inner self is linked with these subtle domains of consciousness. The sukshma vatavarana thus created by Yagya induces benevolence, generosity, continence, austerity, moral virtues and divine faith. The currents of spiritual energy of Yagya pacify and diminish the untoward assimilation of vices and animal instincts of lust, ego, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, immorality, venality and other evils. This resolves most of the problems faced in the personal and social lives. Many worries, complications, problems and adversities are uprooted by this sublime illumination. 

The grandeur and continuity of the astonishing effects of Yagya grow in proportion with the size, duration and frequency of the Yagyas. In the ancient times, the rishi-munis, the savants, the kings, the affluent and elite used to organize grand Yagyas, the common people too used to participate in these and daily havans. This way the sublime environment was purified continuously and an ambience of ideal ascent of all was maintained. This is what had allowed the descent of bright and happy era of divine culture.


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