5 Days Antaha Urja Jagran Satra

Minimum Requirement:

1.  Must have participated into 9 days shivir of Shantikunj .
2.  Active participations in activities of Mission .
3.  Must needs to follow specified discipline.

How to apply:

By Online :

1. Apply Online . OR Email to shivir @awgp.org.

By Phone :

call us on 91-1334- 260602 Extn# 187, 188
Mobile:  9258369749

*Please note, after receiving the application, an authorities will take decision and send confirmations. Even after approvals, if the participant failed to meet the requirement/discipline of course (satra) then he/she shall not be permitted for the course.
Disciplines & Process

1.  The course (satra) will be very different for all other satra. The discipline & instruction of Sadhana will be difficult.
2.  One need to stay alone in the room during the course.
3.  One need to perform all his/her routine work by own including washing, cleaning etc.
4.  One needs to silent & introvert till end of sadhana .
5.  Need to follow specified instruction of sadhana and swadhyay (study). Rest of the time for going deep into inner concise &
     holy concise it is suggested to perform deep introvertive self-inspection. Other study materials like newspapers etc will not
     be available.
6.  Food, holy ganges water & pragya drink will be served in the room 2 times per day. The served food contain one chapati,
     chatni of herbs, rice or dalia . No other food will be allowed.
7.  No restriction on number of JAP (chanting of Mantra). The focus will be on the deeper of meditation rather number of
     chanting. The special sadhana would complete in around 6 hours. Both time, the recorded audio will be played for 20
     minutes followed by self inspection on what heard. Approximately it will be 2 hrs of time for Swadhyay (study of books) and
     its introspections. The time remain after sleep, daily routine , food etc would require to involved for self inspection and Jap .
8.  After completion of Sadhana , you will summarise in writing the inner-experience, feeling and emerged resolution. A duly
     Formal resolution will be conducted religiously after completion of Satra.

1.  Do not bring someone who can not stay alone (like kid etc) or need attention from us.
2.  Someone suffering from disease is discouraged for this satra.

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