विचार शक्ति वृद्धि

The functional structure of the brain could be categorized in three parts –– primal (adi) brain, middle (madhya) brain and present (vartmana) brain. The first one may be regarded as the root, the middle one as stem and the third as the branches along with leafs and flowers of the ‘tree’ of brain functions.
The primal brain is endowed with all the knowledge, tendencies and impressions assimilated since the origin of the jivatma (soul) till its birth in the present life. The term ‘middle brain’ refers to the source of manifestation of latent or supernormal powers. The ‘present brain’, as the name suggests, is developed according to the memories, knowledge and conditioning resulted from –– the bio-electrical processes and the perceptions made through exposure to the world, experiences, education, social encounters etc since the embryonic state till the present time.
The three brains are functionally organized one under the other like the layered skin of an onion. The primal brain lies in the innermost core. It is the subtlest but the most prominent of all. It is the original source of consciousness for the development and activation of the other two. The blueprint of the inner character of an individual is stored here. In essence, the seed of one’s personality sprouts from this center.
The number of neurons in a human brain is almost double the human population existing on the earth today. If one second is spent in counting one neuron, it will take 300 centuries to sort all of them in a single brain! These tiny nerve cells have negligible size and weight but each of them could be compared with a complete human being in terms of work potential and highly evolved structure. If the entire human population could be disciplined and motivated to follow righteous path, the world would soon become more beautiful and happier than what could be imagined of the heavens. If all the neurons could be conditioned to function optimally making best use of their latent collective powers, the human brain would certainly manifest divine potentials and supernatural talents....
Because of individual egos and diversities of characters, it may not be possible to control the over 6000 millions of the people inhabiting the earth. However, the population of 10,000 million neurons in one’s own brain could be regulated and gradually conditioned for sublime transformations by a person who has a balanced mind and pure and eminent character and who endeavors to excel his mental potentials with strong will and perseverance. Such endeavors are as difficult, important and glorifying as those of becoming an unchallenged emperor of the entire globe.
Until the last century, extraordinary intelligence and talents were generally attributed to one’s good fortune or divine blessings... Scientific investigations into brain-functions and human psychology have now revealed that such ‘fortunes’ and acumen could be awaken to a great extent by systematic training and endeavors because the brain of every human is endowed with enormous potentials.
Systematic and intensive training enables even animals do what could normally be regarded as impossible for them... One of the research laboratories in Japan has trained monkeys in pattern recognition and arranging the households and office material in proper order. What more! They are even trained in identifying the liars. Experiments are on to see whether the effects of this learning could be transmitted, likewise other natural habits, into the offspring of these trained monkeys...
Training the mind of an individual becomes difficult and attempts of rousing its hidden potentials may be impossible, if he is trapped under the vicious cycle of the malice of ego, arrogance and unchecked ambitions with or without the harmful tendencies of lethargy, despair, aggressive impatience, etc or alcoholic, erogenous and similar addictions..... The mingling of these thraldoms could be broken only if one has an internal desire and strong willpower to do so.
Auto-suggestion, self-introspection and creativity coupled with healthy recreation offer best remedies in depleting the negative tendencies of mind and associated addictions. One should get rid of the inferiority complexes or the feelings of the weaknesses of his mind. If even animals could be made change their natural habits and machines like the computers could be taught then why not a human - the most evolved organism, endowed with so many boons of the mother nature....?
Austerity of living habits, optimistic thinking, stability and purity of mind and emotions and creative industriousness are the preliminary requirements if one wants to progress further in refining his talents. Intensive training and assiduity with unsheltered interest and concentration of mind in a selected area do set the clock in motion and gradually elevated associated intellectual potentials.
Sharp memory supports learning and intellectual development of mind. It has therefore been given primary importance in most of the training methods, including those of the spiritual sadhanas. It is highlighted here that, trenchancy of memory is not always a divine boon or inherited fortune, rather, it could be aroused in every one who adopts a serene, disciplined and balanced mode of life.
The practices of pranayama and dhyana-dharana are integral parts of the initial phase of spiritual sadhanas. Pranayama harmonizes the breathing pattern and triggers maximum supply of oxygen and vital energy to the brain. The scientists of Illinois university and the University of Oregon had conducted series of experiments on breathing habits. They had observed that the children who were not used to deep breathing had lesser memory and intelligence than those in the same age group who used to inhale more oxygen at a regular pace. The effect was more prominent in the elders.

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