आध्यात्मिकता के एक सच्चे साधक

Acharya Sharma was a great devotee of Gayatri. He had successfully practiced and mastered the highest kinds of sadhanas (spiritual endeavors) of Gayatri, Savitri and Kundalini. He had completed 24 mahapurashcharanas of Gayatri meditation with ascetic disciplines while also sincerely transacting his familial, social and national responsibilities. There is no parallel to this kind of sadhana ever performed by any one on this earth. He deciphered absolute knowledge of the philosophy and science of the Gayatri Mantra and hence that of the entire gamut of yoga and spirituality. He propagated this knowledge for the enlightenment of people across the globe without any discrimination of religion, caste, creed, sex, or social status.

Acharya Sharma had also pioneered experiments on simple sadhanas, which could be easily pursued by the people today. He had guided spiritual and intellectual refinement of millions of people by initiating such sadhanas of Gayatri.

Acharya Sharma also pioneered renaissance of the science of spirituality and established the foundation for its creative integration with the modern sciences. It was indeed a Herculean task given the trends of intellectual and scientific evolution since the past millennium and almost simultaneous deterioration of the institutions of religion and culture, which had resulted in a near total neglect of spirituality in human life and had led to all kinds of blind faiths, misconceptions, and prejudices…... The Brahmvarchas Research Centre established by Acharya Sharma in 1978 at Shantikunj Hardwar (India) stands as a live example of how his ideas could be implemented and researched in the modern laboratories.

''My life story can act as a lighthouse for genuine seekers of Truth. It is a way of life adopted by a rational and a realistic person and there is nothing obscurantic and pretentious in it. Stigma of failure cannot also be attributed to it. Persons who seriously try to understand that there could be a true path to attain the goal of soul-awakening, who do not fall into the trap of illusion of short-cuts, would not meet with disappointment and disillusionment. Had such persons read my story, understood the spiritual philosophy underlying it and followed the process of self-growth prescribed therein, it is certain that the number of such misled and confused persons would have been far less than what it is today.''                             
                                                         -Acharya Shriram Sharma

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