Child Shriram - Birth to childhood 1911 – 1925

Birth : in Brahma muhurt (very early hours in the morning) of Ashvin Krishna Triyodashi Vikram Samvat 1968 corresponding to 20th September 1911 in Anwalkheda village in Agra district in a rich Brahman family.Father: Pt. Roopkishore Sharma; Mother: Dankunwari devi.

  • Intense inclination towards spiritual endeavours from childhood. He would always be involved in spiritual discussions with colleagues.
  • Deep attachment toward the majestic Himalayas. When hardly ten years old escaped from his house and on being caught said Himalayas was his home and he would go there.
  • Creative thinking from the very childhood. Developed the habit of self-reliance, self sufficiency.
  • Extreme love and sympathy for depressed, down-trodden and the untouchables. Attended, nursed and served an old ailing Harijan woman despite opposition by family members and the high society he belonged to.

First Meeting With Spiritual Master (1926) Yagyopaveet (Thread) ceremony and initiation in Gayatri mantra by Mahamana Malviyaji in Banaras at the age of ten. At the age of 15- Self-realization on Basant Panchanmi Parva 1926 at Anwalkheda (Agra, UP, India), with darshan and guidance from Swami Sarveshwaranandaji,... See More

Shriram ‘Matta’ - A freedom Fighter (1930 To 1942)* Intense spiritual asceticism (tapa) of adolescent Shriram begins. * Active participation in Freedom Fight on Mahatma Gandhi’s call.* Joined Indian National Congress volunteers camp despite strong opposition of family members and relatives.* Sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for six months six times... See More

Entry into journalism and First Issue of Akhand-Jyoti Magazine (1937) Entry into the field of journalism at an early age. Active participation by writing articles in ‘Sainik’ Paper in 1927-28. Published and propagated through it the sacrifice of freedom fighters in the Satyagraha movement. Received special training in... See More

Donated ancestral land, built and established Mata Dankunwari Inter College. (now converted into a Degree college) at birth place, Anwalkheda. Established a huge Gayatri Shakti Peeth at Anwalkheda.By way of Poornahuti of 24 Gayatri Maha Purashcharans, established Gayatri Tapobhumi at Mathura, celebrated 108 Kundiya Yagya (1953) Narmedh (sacrificing one’s everything)... See More

Establishment of Shantikunj in Sapt-Sarovar Hardwar in 1971 and commencement of Rishi Parampara in present era.24 crore Gayatri Jap by virgins in the presence of Akhand Deep under the patronage of Vandaniya Mataji.Commencement of universal movement of women awakening.Establishment of Brahmavarchas Research Institute in 1979. A well equipped laboratory to... See More

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