Misconceptions about Gayatri Sadhana

Q.1. Are there any restrictions on Gayatri worship ?Ans. There is a prevalent belief that the right to worship Gayatri is exclusively restricted to the Brahmans or the so called “Dwij” (which is traditionally considered synonymous with “Brahmans”, a caste in India). This is a gross misconception. If there is a... See More

Q.3. Do Brahmans have a special privilege to do Gayatri Sadhana ? Ans. The professed proprietary right of Brahmans (by birth) on Gayatri worship is ridiculous. Credit for embodiment and elaboration of mysticism of Mahamantra Gayatri goes to rishi Vishwamitra,... See More

Q.4. Are women entitled to take up Gayatri Sadhana? Ans. For countering the oft-repeated arguments against women ’s right to Gayatri worship, let us try to understand the basic principles of ancient Indian culture . It propounds a global religion,... See More

Q.5. What are the basic reasons for the anti-women stance of some sects in India? Ans. During the medieval period there occurred overall degeneration and corruption in Indian society. Resources and power were usurped by a handful of... See More

Q.6. Is Gayatri worship permissible for the non-vegetarians and those who take liquors ? Ans. It is said that Gayatri is a sacred Mantra and those who worship it should live a life of inner and outer purity. They should not take liquor, meat... See More

Q.7. Is Yagyopaveet essential for Gayatri worship? What is its significance ? Ans. It cannot be made mandatory that those alone who put an Yagyopveet can perform Gayatri Jap . However, since Yagyopaveet is an image of... See More

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