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Q.1. How does the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ as a Vedmantra differ from other ‘Laukik mantras’? Ans. Gayatri Mantra is the primordial Mantra self-manifested by the projection of the will (sankalp) of Omnipotent Divine to bring into existence the present cycle of creation (Varah Kalpa). According... See More

Q.2. Is it permissible to chant other Mantras or worship other deities along with Gayatri ? Ans. Central theme of any form of worship is meditation. The exclusive objective of Jap and meditation in Upasana is to establish an intimate... See More

Q.3. Why is Gayatri represented as a female deity ? Ans. Several people say that when masculine words have been used in Gayatri how can it be said Gayatri Mata? It should be understood that the Absolute Divinity it represents, is all pervasive and formless.... See More

Q.4. What is the basis of words in Gayatri Mantra adding upto 24 letters? Ans. The confusion about Gayatri Mantra having a total of 23 letters only, arises mainly because of the word Nayam in Varenyam. In the composition of the... See More

Q.5. Does Gayatri Mantra conform to the rules of Sanskrit Grammar? Ans. At times points are raised about supposed grammatical inaccuracies in the composition of Gayatri Mantra . These misconceptions arise when the Shrutis (Richas of Veda s and Upnishads)... See More

Q.6. How many “Omkars” are included in the Gayatri Mantra ? Ans. Gayatri Mantra is complete in itself. It is not at all necessary to supplement it by assigning three or five ‘Oms’ by way of beej Mantra or samput. This is... See More

Q.7. What are “Vyahritis” ? Ans. The Gayatri Mantra begins with enunciation of “Om” (Amen in Christianity and Aameen in Islam are its variants). “Om” is believed to be resonating all over the cosmos as the primordial sound. Spiritual-science considers it as one of the cosmic representations... See More

Q.8. What is a Beej Mantra? How is it applied? Ans. All religions of the world make use of a part of their scriptures as a representative Beej Mantra. Thus Mohammedans have their Kalma the Christians Baptism, and the Jains Namonkar Mantra.... See More

 Q.9. How is rishi Vishwamitra related to Gayatri Mantra?Ans. Vishwamitra was the first rishi of this kalpa (the present cycle of creation) who could access all powers of Gayatri .In spiritual parlance, he was the first master of Gayatri Sadhana . Rishi Vishwamitra standardised the procedures of Gayatri Sadhana for... See More

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